The shires of Mountain Freehold and Panther Vale will be holding their joint Yule Feast/Twelfth Night this year as a series of virtual events (via Zoom and other platforms), running from Jan. 19 to Jan. 23, 2021. Our Autocrat is Dafydd.

YULE BARDIC CIRCLE! Thurs., Jan 21, 7-8 pm

Zoom Link:
Password (if it asks for it): yule2021
This live Bardic Circle is hosted by Lady Guðrún Sveinsdóttir (Rosie of Mtn Freehold). We are looking forward to spending a wonderful evening of making music together (virtually-speaking)! Folks who would like to participate will sign up on our list, and we will go round-robin until we run out of songs or voice/fingers.  Due to Zoom lag, we recommend that while each person performs, everyone else should stay muted (you can still sing/play along that way!).
Performers – Here’s the link to the sign-up sheet:

ANOTHER BARDIC! (Date not yet confirmed)

Coming Soon! Watch this space for a link to a pre-recorded Bardic set from the Woadwomen and Family as part of the Mountain Freehold / Panther Vale shared 12th Night Festivities! Featuring an old favorite, some older old favorites, a newer favorite, and a request. Stay tuned!

GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT – Tues, Jan 19 to Feb. 12


Gawain and the Green Knight, as read by Dafydd and Marieke. This is a seasonally appropriate tale from the late 14th Century. This version was translated from Middle English into quaintly modern English by JRR Tolkien himself. The version we are reading has been slightly edited for brevity.  We have recorded it in four Zoom sessions – each is accessible by clicking the links below. I don’t think you will need the passcode but it’s included just in case.  The links will expire on Feb. 12.


VIRTUAL FEAST, Sat. Jan 23, 7-8 pm

We will offer this opportunity to break bread together virtually and share news and gossip, just as we enjoy so much at our in-person feasts. Garb up if you wish! This is the link to the Zoom meeting: Clicking on that link should get you to the meeting – but if not, here’s the meeting ID and passcode: Meeting ID: 871 4299 7017 Passcode: 441603  

MATHOM EXCHANGE Sat., Jan 23, 8-10 pm

And yes, we’re having our traditional Mathom Exchange on Sat. Jan. 23, following our Virtual Feast! This will be conducted via Facebook, on the event page here: Yule 2020 Mathom Exchange | Facebook If for some reason you can’t get in, contact Lady Katherine and she can send you an invite. How it works:

From now until Saturday the 23rd, people can post one or more items they would like to leave on the virtual mathom table, by posting to the Facebook Event page listed above. If possible, include a picture, dimensions, materials/ingredients/ etc. Bonus points for a period-specific item, but it’s never been required. PLEASE USE A SEPARATE POST FOR EACH ITEM. Starting at 8pm on Saturday, January 23rd (following the conclusion of our Zoom feast), people will be able to claim an item from the table. Just post your claim on the item listing.

8:00-8:15 – anyone who has been in the SCA less than six months

8:15-8:30 – anyone who has been in the SCA less than a year

8:30-8:45 – anyone who has been the the SCA less than five years

8:45-9:00 – anyone who has been the SCA less than ten years

9:00-9:15 – anyone who has been in the SCA less than twenty years

9:15-9:30 – everyone else!

9:30-10:00pm – Free for all – come and claim one or more items still on the tables if you want!

How to get the item – that’s up to you. You should contact the individual who posted and ask. Options include mail, an in-person meeting, holding until the next in-person event, or drop-off. Lady Katherine is willing to be a transfer point. If you have made arrangements with the claimee, you can drop off items at the store, The Eloquent Page, 70 N Main St. in St Albans, as long as items are clearly labeled for the recipient.


Saturday the 23rd of January is also the suggested deadline to get your trinkets and small gifts to Lady Katherine for the Gift Package Distribution, for the 13 people who signed up. She will mail out the packages when she has received the contributions. If you are participating, please mail or drop off your offerings to her at her store: Eloquent Page, 70 North Main St., St. Albans VT 05478