Every organization has rules, guidelines, and operating procedures. These are ours!

The top tier starts with the SCA Governing Documents, found here in the Organizational Handbook: https://sca.org/docs/pdf/govdocs.pdf This is where you will find information that is common to all Kingdoms in the SCA. What constitutes a shire, versus a barony? What’s the difference between a Principality and a Kingdom? What makes an event an event? What does Membership mean? What are the Society Level Peerages all about? How does one file a grievance? This document also explains the Board of Directors.

The Society has Society Officers, who oversee the corresponding Kingdom Officers in all of our Kingdoms. These Society Officers issue Policies that affect all of the Kingdoms. Our corresponding shire officers must read and comply with these Society Policies. It’s also handy for others to know at least generally what these policies cover. The most commonly referred-to Society Officer Policies are from the Society Seneschal, the Society Exchequer, and the Society Marshal, but there are plenty of others here.

Then we get to matters that are specific to our Kingdom, the East. Here you can find The Laws of the East Kingdom. And, many East Kingdom Officers also have their own Kingdom Policies and Handbooks. Shire officers should know and understand the policies of their Kingdom superior.

Freehold Policies and Procedures are on a different page.