SCA events – that’s where the fun is! At events, we dress up in our garb, use our persona names, and enjoy the company of other history enthusiasts. Events can be indoors or outdoors; they can include tournaments, feasts, competitions of various sorts, shopping opportunities, classes, and many other activities.

We have events here in the Freehold, usually a few each year, and you can find them here. Meanwhile, events are happening almost every weekend, all around us, in other shires and baronies. A calendar of current Events can be found on the East Kingdom website. Not every Event shows up on the Kingdom Calendar, so keep your eyes open on the Freehold mailing list (look for the “subscribe” button) or on our Facebook group.

You might be interested in attending the Pennsic War, which is a huge multi-kingdom, two-week event in late summer, in western Pennsylvania. Also know that we have a Pennsic camp for Freeholders and friends, and you are invited to join (pre-registration is required.)