The Archery Marshal supervises archery practices, provides basic instruction, checks equipment for safety, and is qualified to run “Royal Round” archery competitions.

Archery in the Society allows for simple bows (recurve or longbows) made of wood or plastic, and also crossbows, but not compound bows. We do not allow sights or stabilizers. Arrows must be of wood, but the fletchings can be plastic or feathers. Some people make their own equipment, but it’s fine to use store-bought. Our shire has some loaner bows and arrows.

Archers meet at various locations on private property, for practice sessions. We attempt to meet one Saturday a month during the warmer months. Some events also have archery fields set up, with loaner gear. At events with archery, you can also shoot just for fun, or you can choose to enter various competitions.

Adults and children are welcome at the archery ranges, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Check in with the Archery Marshal in Charge when you arrive at the range, to get your equipment inspected and to learn about the rules of the range.

Check the Mountain Freehold Facebook group for updates, or write to the Archery Marshal, Lord David Poirier. He can answer your questions and help you get started.