Our Shire members are talented! Here are some of their projects and crafting in action.

Gilth’s Viking Era Mastermyr-style chest:

Birthday Bash Arts & Sciences Display, Sept. 25th, 2021:

Vindiorix Ordovix’s Brewing Adventures:

Corotica merkka Senebelenae’s Roman/Romano-Celtic cooking:

2021 Fall projects in the Shire:

A&S Championships at Aisles of Marche, March 5, 2022:

Spring 2022 A&S in action!

Sept. 2022 Dye Day (9/10) and “Bring Your Own Craft” meet-up (9/11):

Fall 2022 Projects in the Shire:

Freehold/Panthervale Yule Celebration 2022