Guilds are loose organizations of people who are interested in pursuing the same skill, art or craft. Some guilds operate locally, while others have Kingdom-wide participation. Some guilds are more active, some less so, and they can meet whenever and wherever they like – at events, or at local meetings. New guilds can be created at any time, depending on people’s interests. If your guild really takes off, you can even apply for a Royal Charter!

First, here’s a list of active Kingdom-wide Guilds. It’s worth checking out their webpages to see if something catches your eye.

If you have any questions about guilds in general, please contact our Freehold Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Guðrún.

More locally, we do have some active and semi-active guilds right here in the Freehold. Here are some of the guilds in the Freehold, and who to contact to find out more about each one.

Blacksmiths – In the Freehold, we have some active members of the East Kingdom Blacksmiths Guild. Interested in blacksmithing and metalwork? Contact Lord Thomas.

Brewers – Some Freehold brewers are actively involved in the East Kingdom Brewers Guild, which is a structured system that emphasizes period brewing recipes and techniques. However, not all brewers are following that path, and that’s fine too. Locally, we have plenty of brewers who are just in it for the fun, and to share a few homebrews. Want to meet up? Contact Duchess Marieke.

Cooks – The Kelpie Cooks are now meeting monthly, usually on the last Sunday of the month, at the Browns River Middle School, concurrent with the afternoon fencing practice. Contact Lady Katherine for details. If you want to be added to the Kelpie Cooks mailing list, ask Marieke.

Foresters – Here’s a page for our local chapter of the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild. Check here for some nice local winter hikes!

Soothsayers – The East Kingdom has a Soothsayer’s Guild. Locally, we have started up meetings as well, and our guild-mistress is Kastana – drop her a note if you want more details about meeting times and locations. We have practitioners in palmistry, seed-casting, rune reading, tarot, and other forms of divination. If you want to be added to the Freehold Soothsayers email list, contact Marieke.