Welcome! Some basics…

Greetings! We’re so happy you found us. Here’s some more information to get you started.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email our Chatelain, Leo.  He’s the officer in charge of greeting and helping new members, and he would love to answer any questions you might have. Other Shire officers are listed here.

Vermont has two shires, Mountain Freehold, and Panther Vale. A map showing the territory of each shire can be found here.

How to keep in touch

We have a Facebook group page (or search for Shire of Mountain Freehold SCA) Please join us for conversations, last minute updates, and photos of our activities.

If you don’t do Facebook, we have an alternative – it’s an email discussion list, text-only. It’s based on the UVM servers, and it’s a bit archaic, but it’s free, stable, and there’s no advertising or spam. We try to copy all info into both sources. To sign up for the email list, go here and look for the subscribe/unsubscribe button on the right.

Getting Up To Speed

When you first join the SCA, it feels like there’s so much to learn!  A great place to start is this SCA Newcomer’s Guide. If some of our words are baffling to you, the guide has a Terminology section starting on p.15 that can be quite useful. Also, the SCA Inc provides a helpful Find Out More About Us page with useful links for newcomers. 

About Events

We have local events in Mountain Freehold, a few times a year. Information on upcoming events can be found here.

Mountain Freehold is one of many groups in the East Kingdom, and groups play together.  Click here for a map of the local region of the East Kingdom. Other events throughout the Kingdom are listed here. Once you get oriented, you may find yourself traveling to the events held in nearby groups, or even more distant ones, which can be lots of fun!

Between events, we have meetings and practices. Once every few months we have an officer’s meeting to discuss the business of the shire – these meetings are open for anyone to attend. Social gatherings, and practices for fencing and heavy list, are held almost every week. Archery practices happen occasionally during the summer, when we can find a suitable location. We have an Arts and Sciences meeting once a month on a specific topic or to work on personal projects. Information about current meetings and practices can be found here.

Are you thinking about going to your first event but aren’t sure what to do?  Click here for more information.

We are one of many groups in the East Kingdom, and groups play together.  Click here for a map of the local region of the East Kingdom.

Travel further down the rabbit hole.  Click here to learn how to Become More Involved.

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