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East Kingdom – Official Website

Society for Creative Anachronism Official Page

Stefan’s Florilegium – A Compendim of SCA Information

The Viking Answer Lady – All Things Viking

Story Time With Uncle Olaf – A SCA Blog

The Medieval Academy of America – Information on All Things Medieval

Raymond’s Quiet Press – Historical Recreations From Jewelry to Helms


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Fiber Arts

Keepers of Athena’s Thimble – The EK Embroidery Guild

Phiala’s String Page – Fiber Arts

Calontir Trim – Trim

Fabrics-Stores – Linen Supply

Neulakintaat – Nailbinding Instructional Videos

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Needle Arts – An SCA Research Document


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Mistholme – Heraldry, Illuminations, and More

Technozen – The Exeter Book of Riddles

British Library – Digitalized Manuscripts

York Museums Trust – Online Catalogue

Trinity College – Book of Kells

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Martial Arts

Dark Victory Armory – Fighting and Fencing Supplies

My Armoury – A Resource for Historic Arms and Armour Collectors

The Armoury Archive – Resource on How-To Make Armor

Viking Sword – Medieval Sword Resource Site


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Medieval Cookery – Medieval Recipes and Food Resources


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Facebook Pages to Check Out

If you’re looking for more information, check out these great Facebooks groups!  People in the SCA are a great resource and usually willing to help.


Shire of Mountain Freehold

Tearlach’s Gathering and Practice

Freehold Freebooters

Five Shires

SCA East Kingdom

East Kingdom Photography

SCA Shire of Panthervale

Shire of Coldwood


SCA Garb

SCA Garb How-To

Athena’s Thimble

SCA Heraldry Chat

Baby Heralds of the SCA

SCA Cooks

SCA Rapier Combat

SCA Scribes and Illumination


SCA Yard Sale

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