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East Kingdom – Official Website

Society for Creative Anachronism Official Page

Stefan’s Florilegium – A Compendim of SCA Information

The Viking Answer Lady – All Things Viking

Story Time With Uncle Olaf – A SCA Blog

The Medieval Academy of America – Information on All Things Medieval

Raymond’s Quiet Press – Historical Recreations From Jewelry to Helms

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Fiber Arts

Phiala’s String Page – Fiber Arts

Fabrics-Stores – Linen Supply

Neulakintaat – Nailbinding Instructional Videos

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Needle Arts – An SCA Research Document

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Mistholme – Heraldry, Illuminations, and More

Technozen – The Exeter Book of Riddles

British Library – Digitalized Manuscripts

York Museums Trust – Online Catalogue

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Martial Arts

Dark Victory Armory – Fighting and Fencing Supplies

My Armoury – A Resource for Historic Arms and Armour Collectors

The Armoury Archive – Resource on How-To Make Armor

Viking Sword – Medieval Sword Resource Site

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Medieval Cookery – Medieval Recipes and Food Resources

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Facebook Pages to Check Out

If you’re looking for more information, check out these great Facebooks groups!  People in the SCA are a great resource and usually willing to help.

Facebook Pages for Groups:

Shire of Mountain Freehold

SCA Shire of Panthervale

Shire of Coldwood

SCA East Kingdom

East Kingdom Photography

Facebook Pages for Interests:

SCA Garb

SCA Garb How-To

Athena’s Thimble

SCA Heraldry Chat

Baby Heralds of the SCA

SCA Cooks

SCA Rapier Combat

SCA Scribes and Illumination


SCA Yard Sale

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