Here are all the meetings and practices that are happening:

Fighting and Fencing Practice

Fighting and fencing practice is held most Sundays from 2-5 pm at Mills River Park (if the weather is nice) or in the adjacent Underhill ID school or Browns River Middle School Gym.  For more information on fencing, click here.  For more information about heavy list combat, click here.

Archery Practice

This summer our archery field is at Odd’s estate at 4864 Egypt Rd in East Fairfield. For more information about archery, click here.

Archery Championship (Sat, Aug. 25)

Greetings archers and members of the Freehold!

Saturday August 25th our Shire Archery Championship will take place at the Freehold range, located at Odd’s Field at 4864 Egypt Rd in East Fairfield. The range will open for inspections and free shooting at 11. At noon the championship starts.

The Archers will be supporting the shire in our Birthday Bash Crusade! We will be sieging Chastel Pelerin, stronghold of the Knights Templar. It was never taken in period.

The competition will consist of three different shoots. Advancing soldier (hitting a man sized silhouette at 20, 30, and 40 yards), a castle window shoot (hitting an enemy archer in a tower window), and a 100 yard clout shoot over enemy fortifications. Each archer will have the opportunity to record a score three times per shoot, and the best of the three will be used to tally their score. These recorded shoots will work similarly to royal rounds, in which you announce to the Marshall you are recording your scores that shoot.

The range will be open for the advancing soldier and tower window shoots from noon to two. At 2pm we will hold the clout shoot. There will be three rounds, and archers best score of the three will be tallied. As this shoot requires us to move back the shooting line to take full advantage of the space we have, this scheduled 2pm shoot is the only opportunity archery will have to record a score on the clout shoot.

After the clout shoot the range is open, and a potluck lunch will take place. We will provide David’s famous grilled beast, and attendees are encouraged to bring a dish to share if they wish.

The Shire champion, and overall winner, will be announced the following day at Birthday Bash.

We realize this is taking place the day before birthday bash, but we hope archers will come to participate, and that the members of our shire and our neighbors will turn out to watch the show and support them. It should be a wonderful time!

Yours in Service,
Eleanor Grey
Archery MiT and current Mountain Freehold Archery Champion

Cooks Meeting

The Freehold Cooks are not currently meeting, but we may start again if there’s interest! Contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences for more details.

Arts and Science Meeting

We have a monthly Arts and Science meeting every second Sunday of the month.    For more information on this month’s A&S meeting, click here.

Business Meetings and Moots

There are no current meetings scheduled.  If you are interested in seeing the notes from previous moots, please click here.