Here are all the meetings and practices that are happening:

Fencing and Heavy List Practice

Fencing and Heavy List practices are held most Sundays from 2-5 pm in the Browns River Middle School Gym, or at Mills River Park (during summers, if the weather is nice.) Here’s more information about fencing in our shire, and if you have any specific questions, you can contact our Fencing Marshal . Here’s where you can read more about heavy list combat and you can contact our Heavy List Marshal with any questions.

Arts and Science Meeting

We have a monthly Arts and Science meeting every second Sunday of the month, from 1-2 pm, barring other conflicts. These usually take place at the Browns River Middle School, in Jericho VT. At these meetings we might have a specific topic, or a craft we all can learn, or we might just work on our own projects and share ideas. These meetings take place before the heavy list/fencing practices. For more information on the next meeting, contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Business Meetings and Moots

Business meetings happen once a month or so, usually on the fourth Sunday of each month, from 1-2 pm at the Browns River Middle School in Jericho, VT. Business meetings are generally open to all Freeholders. Our Seneschal can tell you when our next business meeting is.

Moots are general populace meetings to discuss matters of significance to the Freehold. We try to have these as needed, or at least once a year. Our next Moot is at 2 pm on Sunday, Dec. 22, at the Browns River Middle School in Jericho, to discuss the logistics of the Vermont Barony proposal (but not the pros and cons – that’s for another time.) We also offer an archive of the notes from previous moots and meetings.

Archery Practice

In the summer, our archery field is at Odd’s estate at 4864 Egypt Rd in East Fairfield. For more information about the next archery practice, our Archery Marshal can provide details.

Cooks Meeting

The Freehold Cooks are not currently meeting, but we may start again if there’s interest! Contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences.