Business Meetings and Moots

Business meetings happen four times a year, usually on the third Sunday of the month, at 1 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Contact the Seneschal  for details, or check for current details on the “News and Notices” page.

Moots are general populace meetings to discuss matters of significance to the Freehold. We try to have these as needed, or at least once a year. We also offer an archive of the notes from previous moots and meetings.

Social Gatherings, and Fencing and Heavy List Practices

Fencing and Heavy List practices, concurrent with general social gatherings, are scheduled from 2-5 pm on most Sundays, at the Browns River Middle School in Jericho. Use the Middle School parking lot. Enter through the front door of the school, and turn right for the Gym. Bring a clean pair of non-marking shoes to protect the wood floor of the gym. We have gear and weapons to loan, if you’d like to try out these activities.

Here’s more information about fencing in our shire. If you have any specific questions, you can contact Kat, our Fencing Marshal.

Here’s where you can read more about heavy list combat. You can contact our Heavy List Marshal, Aethelwulf, with any questions. (We’re working on getting his email contact set up.)

Arts and Sciences Meetings

Arts and Sciences meetings are scheduled for the second Sunday of each month (well, usually….), running concurrently with the Sunday heavy list/fencing practices. Other A&S meetings might be scheduled at people’s homes, and will be announced on the Freehold email list and Facebook Page. At these meetings we might have a specific topic, or a craft we all can learn, or we might just work on our own projects and share ideas. For more information on the next meeting, contact our Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Archery Practice

We hope to have a regular practice site soon, and an archery marshal, too!

Cooks Meeting

Meetings are roughly once a month, usually the last Sunday, concurrently with the fighter practice and social gathering at Browns River Middle School, or at a private home. Watch the email list and/or Facebook for updates. Contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences.