Monthly Arts and Science Meeting

We usually have a monthly Arts and Science meeting every second Sunday of the month, starting at 1 pm. at the same location as the fighting practice, in Underhill. Sometimes we move the location or the time to avoid conflicts.  Please check the Shire’s Facebook page or contact Eleanor Grey, our Minister of Arts and Sciences, to learn what’s going on. Sometime we have a designated topic, and other times we just work on projects.


Previous A&S meetings include:

  • Wine Making taught by the Duchess Marieke
  • Making Chain Mail with Lord Thomas Cosgrove
  • Freehold Archives and Member Stories
  • Cup Covers with Lady Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforno
  • Persona Building with Lord David Poirier De LeLoup
  • SCA 102 with Master Tearlach
  • How to Enter an A&S Competition with Duchess Marieke
  • Making Queen’s Favors
  • How the SCA Works with Duchess Marieke
  • Show and Tell


We also have several active Guilds:


If you have any questions, ideas for classes, or want to teach a class, Eleanor Grey of Colchester is our Minister of Arts and Sciences and can be reached at