The Shire has a budding Arts and Science community.

We have a month Arts and Science meeting every second Sunday of the month.  At July’s meeting, we will be doing:

  • TBD

Previous A&S meetings include:

  • Freehold Archives and Member Stories
  • Cup Covers with Aurelia Colleoni
  • Persona Building with David Poirier De LeLoup
  • SCA 102 with Master Tearlach
  • How to Enter an A&S Competition with Duchess Marieke
  • Making Queen’s Favors
  • How the SCA Works with Duchess Marieke
  • Show and Tell


We also have several active Guilds:


If you have any questions, ideas for classes, or want to teach a class, Eleanor Grey of Colchester is our Minister of Arts and Sciences and can be reached at