Monthly Arts and Science Meeting

We have a monthly Arts and Science meeting every second Sunday of the month.  At September’s meeting, we will be doing:

  • Wine Making taught by the Duchess Marieke

It will take place Sunday September 10th  from 11-1:30 at 34 Mansfield Ave, Cambridge VT 05444

Brewers should bring:

  • An empty one gallon glass jug
  • 3 lbs berries or other fruit, or a mix – frozen, or frozen and thawed
  • 3 lbs white sugar (or 2.5 lbs honey if you prefer)
  • Steel or enamel pot (not aluminum) that holds a gallon or more, (spaghetti or canning pot) with lid
  • Potato masher
  • A brewing notebook to write down what you did

Marieke will provide: wine yeast, rubber stoppers for jugs, airlocks, siphon hoses, powdered disinfectant.

Recommended donation is $5.


Birthday Bash Arts & Science Championship

Greeting artisans and performers of Mountain Freehold and beyond! This year at Birthday Bash we will be establishing a Shire Arts and Sciences champion! There will be a scheduled panel time for those interested in competing to display their work, answer questions, and interact with attendees. We will also be able to schedule performance times for those who wish to sing, tell a story, dance, or entertain. If you do wish to perform please contact the MOAS by October 1st to secure a time slot.

Documentation is required for all entries. Don’t let that scare you! Here is a link to a great article on documentation.

To give us something cohesive by which to view the entries, there will be a theme. All works should represent, in some way, the Shire of Mountain Freehold. This can mean anything from using imagery from the Shire arms, to referencing a fond memory you have within the shire. Be prepared to explain how your submission reflects that theme.

Now, the rules:
Entries must reflect this years theme: Mountain Freehold.
Entries can have been previously submitted to A&S contests in the SCA at large, but not in a previous shire panel (for example the one at Mimirs Well)
Entries can have been made prior to the contest being announced so long as they fit the first two criteria.
Winners will be selected by a panel of judges. Attendees will also have a chance to weigh in by vote, and a prize will be award to the People’s Choice winner.

As this is to select the Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S champion the winner of that title must be a member of the Freehold. An overall competition winner will also be awarded.

It is expected that the Shire champion will run next years Shire A&S championship, at which time they will pass the trophy onto the new champion.

If you have any questions, or wish to reserve a performance time slot, please contact me at


Previous A&S meetings include:

  • Making Chain Mail
  • Freehold Archives and Member Stories
  • Cup Covers with Lady Aurelia Colleoni
  • Persona Building with Lord David Poirier De LeLoup
  • SCA 102 with Master Tearlach
  • How to Enter an A&S Competition with Duchess Marieke
  • Making Queen’s Favors
  • How the SCA Works with Duchess Marieke
  • Show and Tell


We also have several active Guilds:


If you have any questions, ideas for classes, or want to teach a class, Eleanor Grey of Colchester is our Minister of Arts and Sciences and can be reached at