We bring our various time periods to life with crafts and projects from our chosen time period. It all starts with natural curiosity. What did people eat back then? How did they dress? How did they spend their time? As part of our exploration, we might seek out and try a medieval recipe, or learn how to weave trim to embellish our new gown or tunic. How about brewing some ale or mead to put in your goblet? How about learning how to sharpen a quill pen and use it to write a few words with a medieval lettering style? Everything is possible!

We all start somewhere. Your first piece of garb will not be your last, and each iteration will improve, as you see what other people wear, and maybe get a few construction tips along the way. You will also see somebody doing something interesting with their hands – embroidery, spinning, weaving, making chain mail – and you will ask a few questions and then soon you’ll be doing it too. Most people in the Society are natural teachers and are eager to share what they know. Just ask!

Another way to pick up new medieval skills is to attend classes. Some events have instructional sessions with hands-on activities. (Mimir’s Well, Studium Generale, and Panteria are examples of events with classes, but there are plenty more.) These classes are free, or they might have only a small cost for the materials. Don’t be shy – these opportunities are a great way to learn or explore a new craft. There’s no commitment. Indulge your curiosity, and you might just find a new passion.

At times we have monthly Arts and Sciences meetings dedicated to a particular topic. These are held on Sundays in Jericho, before the fighter practice begins. At the moment none are scheduled, but you’ll see it here when they are.

Due to the current plague, there are many classes, displays, and competitions being held online. Some of these are within our own East Kingdom, while others are throughout the Knowne Worlde. Many of our Shirefolk have participated in these opportunities. Here is a listing of available classes, and another for displays, competitions, and challenges.

Please check the Shire’s Facebook page or contact Lady Rosie, (aka Guðrún Sveinsdóttir), our Minister of Arts and Sciences, to learn more about what’s going on. Likewise, if you have a skill you wish to teach, or an idea for a class you’d like to take, just let Rosie know!

Previous A&S meetings include:

  • Wine Making taught by the Duchess Marieke
  • Making Chainmaille with Lord Thomas Cosgrove
  • Freehold Archives and Member Stories
  • Cup Covers with Lady Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforno
  • Persona Building with Lord David Poirier De LeLoup
  • SCA 102 with Master Tearlach
  • How to Enter an A&S Competition with Duchess Marieke
  • Making Queen’s Favors
  • How the SCA Works with Duchess Marieke
  • Show and Tell