Our practices are held on most Sundays at the Browns River Middle School in Jericho Vt.   All are welcome!  We have loaner gear available for anyone who would like to try their hand at fencing.  

The first hour of our practices (2-3) is devoted to youth fencing.  The adult practice goes from 3-5.   

Our youth fencing program is open to kids ages 6-17.  All youth must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian.  

Getting Started

The first thing people ask is “What do I need to get started?”   The list is actually really short.  Most of the gear that you will need we provide with our shire’s loaner gear.  When you come to try out fencing for the first time, please bring:

  • Long Pants
  • Closed-toed, Non-Marking Shoes
  • Crew Socks
  • Athletic Cup (if appropriate)
  • Water

When you’re ready to start putting together your own kit, let us know and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!


The rules we follow can be reviewed via the links below.  

East Kingdom Fencing Rules

EK Youth Rapier Rules

SCA Fencing Marshal’s Handbook

~Helpful Links~

Check out the resources below for more information on the Art of Historical Fencing.

EK Resources on Historical Martial Arts

Wiktenauer: Collection of Historical Fencing Manuals & Treatises 

Our Fencing Marshal is Cat Spoonbreaker.  If you have any questions, please send her an email.