Officers are responsible for making things happen within the Shire.  Below is a brief description of what each officer does, as well as how to contact them. If you’re not sure where to start, the Seneschal and the Chatelain are happy to assist you.

The Seneschal handles the administration of the group – almost like the club president. The seneschal can tell you about upcoming meetings and events.  If you want to host an event or a demo, the seneschal is your first point of contact. Contact Lord Thomas of the Shire of Mountain Freehold, at
Emergency Deputy: Lord Leo MacCullan  
Deputy for Bylaws and Policies: Duchess Marieke

The Chatelain is the officer in charge of greeting and helping new members, as well as arranging outreach opportunities for our group. Feel free to contact Lord Leo, at
Deputy Chatelaine: Carys ferch Dafydd.

The Minister of Arts and Sciences arranges classes and get-togethers on special topics.  If you have an idea for an Arts and Sciences class or event that you would like to attend or teach, this is the person you want to talk to.  Contact Lady Guðrún Sveinsdóttir (aka Rosie) at
Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences: Kastana
And the other Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences: Brunhilda

We have a Page for Arts and Sciences – check it out! We also have a Gallery of A&S projects completed by Freeholders; a fantastic list of online learning opportunities; and information about Virtual Displays, Competitions and Challenges within the Shire and in the larger Kingdom context.

The Exchequer is the treasurer of the group.  If you think that there’s something that the group needs to purchase or spend money on, talk to the exchequer about how to go about it. Contact Lord Dietrich Bern at
Emergency Deputy Exchequer: Lady Katherine Slough
Backup Deputy Exchequer: Duchess Marieke
The shire’s Financial Committee consists of the Exchequer and deputies, and the Seneschal and deputies. If you want to contact the shire’s Financial Committee, they can be reached at:

The Knight Marshal is responsible for official heavy list practices and events in the Shire.  (“Heavy List” is fully-armored combat, typically using sword and shield, but also including polearms, axes, maces, and other weapons, excluding weapons covered under “Fencing.”) The Marshal assists in the training and qualification of new combatants, and ensures that safety standards are maintained.  Interested in trying heavy list or learning more about what’s involved? Contact Lord Aethelwulf at:

The Fencing Marshal is responsible for official fencing practices and events in the Shire.  The Marshal assists in the training and qualification of new fencers, and makes sure they follow current safety standards. We also have an active Youth Fencing Program. Interested in trying fencing?  This is who you’ll want to talk to, to get started. Contact Lady Cat Spoonbreaker at

Check out our Fencing Page!

The Archery Marshal supervises archery practices, provides basic instruction, oversees safety on the range, and is qualified to run “Royal Round” archery competitions. This office is currently vacant.

The Chancellor Minor is a background-checked adult who Badge of the Office of Chancellor Minor encourages and supervises medieval activities for youths and families. This office is currently vacant.

The Pursuivant (Herald) can help you design and submit your own personal heraldic device, and may also be called upon to act as herald at events with Courts. Contact Master Dafydd at

We have a page containing heraldic information for the Freehold.

The Archivist ensures that notes are taken at meetings and made available to the populace. In addition, the archivist maintains the historical records of the group’s events, activities, awards, and membership.  If there’s something that you see missing, please contact the archivist so that it may be added to the official record. Contact Duchess Marieke at

The Webminister maintains this website and provides assistance with kingdom-assigned officer emails.  If you see an error, a broken link, or something that should be on the site but isn’t, please send the webminister an email. Contact Duchess Marieke at
Deputy Webminister: Kastana.

The Minister of Lists is responsible for organizing formal tournaments held in the shire. Lord Alaxandr is our Minister of Lists, and he can be reached at

If you feel the need to send a group email to all of the officers in the shire, the address is:

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