Embroidery finds a place on garb, banners, favors, table linens, cushions, and many other imaginative locations. It’s almost a lost art in the modern world, but in the SCA you will see many gentles plying their needles into cloth and making beautiful stitched designs with cotton, wool or silk.

Just about anybody who’s embroidering would be happy to show you their current project, and maybe introduce you to some new stitches or techniques.

If you would like a more structured experience, the East Kingdom has an embroidery guild called The Keepers of Athena’s Thimble. They will help you transition from modern embroidery to more medieval techniques, and they will introduce you to types of embroidery you may not have encountered in the modern world. The Guild’s website is here. If you wish to explore further. Athena’s Thimble has occasional guild meetings at local events, such as Birka (in NH in late January) and Panteria (in VT in late May.)