And what would the Middle Ages be with out a tankard of ale or a horn of mead? Mountain Freehold has several knowledgeable brewers, who will gladly share their latest creations at any event where it is permitted to do so (and to adults only, of course!)

Free-lance brewing is encouraged and welcomed, but if you would like a more structured experience, check out the East Kingdom Brewer’s Guild. In the Guild, you earn rank after having your brews tasted and judged by a panel of experienced brewers. The Guild uses a formal judging rubric, which will rate the beverage on taste, authenticity, documentation, and complexity of creation. The guild also offers Roundtables, which are opportunities for brewers to get feedback from other brewers at the table in a more informal setting. In our area, Guild panellings and roundtables often happen at Birka (in late January, in NH) and at Panteria (in late May, in VT).