Written and compiled by Duchess Marieke.

— 1976

The idea of Mountain Freehold is born when Mairi returns from school in Rochester NY, where she learned about the SCA. During this year, she lays the groundwork and starts recruiting the first group of members, including her cousin Patrice, her friend Raesean, and her brother Tearlach, among others. The name of Mountain Freehold is decided upon during this time. The first trace of Mountain Freehold in the East Kingdom records is October, 1976.

— 1977

Records of this year are lost in the mists. Presumably, meetings were held and plans were made!

— Sept/Oct 1978

Mountain Freehold’s first tourney was held in Sept or early October of 1978. The late (and missed) Sir Aelfwine and his Lady wife  Arastorm attended and, along with our marshal Clifford of Northriding (a Barony Bridge fighter attending UVM) qualified Aiker of Stellacia, Boelowyf, and Tearlach as heavy list fighters (our first). Raeseanm won the best male Garb and the Queen of Beauty, and Tearlach won the Tourney. As a result of the first tourney we developed a fighting arm, a lasting relationship with Bridge and Feral (Master) VonHalstern, and a two year war with Branswatch (now Stonemarche) whose ass we KICKED. — (submitted by Tearlach)

— February 1979

The Freehold’s first feast is held: the Ice Tourney, Feast, and Snowball Fight. Mairi and Patrice are present.

— August 1979

Mairi’s name and device pass the heralds. She’s the first to have registered arms in Mountain Freehold.

— Early September 1979

Mairi places a mysterious advertisement in the UVM newsletter, the Cynic, to attract students who have a love for the Middle Ages.

— September 1979

Meetings begin in Southwick Gym, UVM. Marieke, Dafydd, Sean, Rudth, Cenwulf Godfyrt, Sincgiefu/Ithiliel, Dragor the Gray, Ariel, and Caroline & Kevos Spartalian are regular attendees. We have dance practices, fighting practices, and we learn some games.

— Mid-October, 1979

We hold a fighting demo at UVM’s Oktoberfest.

— Late October, 1979

We hold a dancing demo at Trinity’s Humanties Fair.

— November 3, 1979

We hold a Feast and Tourney at Trinity College. Tearlach won the tourney.

— December 8, 1979

We hold a Yule Tourney, Pot-Luck Feast, and Carolling at Southwick Gym, UVM. Windstorm brings nuts and a nutcracker.

— February 2, 1980

We hold our Second Annual Ice Tourney and Candlemas/Imbolc Feast at Southwick Gym, with a feast at St. Anselm’s Chapel, UVM. Angharad and Mairi are the autocrats. Randal of the Dark wins the tourney and he crowns Ithiliel the Queen of Love and Beauty.

— March, 1980

We hold a costume and dance demo for the Boy Scouts.

— April 19, 1980

Mountain Freehold holds an April Fair, Tourney, and Feast at Trinity College, with the feast at St. Anselm’s Chapel, UVM. Mairi is the autocrat. Randal wins the tourney, and Aekir of Stalacia wins the poetry contest.

— May, 1980

We hold a fighting demo for UVM’s Red Square Affair.

— May 24, 1980

We Quest to the Manor in the Northern Wilderness, which is a scouting expedition to see if Montgomery Manor is a suitable event site.

— August 8, 1980

Mairi has a surprise birthday party, complete with a hired bagpiper. We hold a Tourney and Fair at Trinity College, a feast at the First Congregational Church in Essex Jct., and a revel at Fiji fraternity. Findabhair is autocrat. Salaamallah comes from BBM to show us some games, and we are introduced to Prooie.

— August, 1980

A very few Freeholders attend Pennsic IX, including Baroness Mairi. They drive down in an old red van called Eric the Red.

— September 27, 1980

We hold a Harold Godwinson Memorial Tourney at Montgomery Manor. Sincgiefu is the autocrat.

— October 5, 1980

We hold a fighting demo at UVM’s Oktoberfest.

— October 11, 1980

We make an overnight expedition to the Cloisters in NYC, sponsored by the UVM Living/Learning Medieval Suites. Sincgiefu, Dafydd, Marieke, and a dozen others participate.

— December 12, 1980

We hold a Yule Feast and Party at St. Anselm’s Chapel, UVM. Sincgieful and Dafydd are autocrats. At this event, Cenwulf Godfyrht removes Sincgiefu’s Saxon-style veil in public. He then, by Saxon law, must marry her. This comes to pass in the fullness of time.

— February 7, 1981

We celebrate our Third Annual Ice Castle Tourney and Scottish Feast. The tourney is at the Ira Allen Childcare Center, the feast is at the College Street Congregational Church, and the revel is at Fireplace Lounge in Living/Learning. UVM. Raeseann is the autocrat.

— March, 1981

We hold a dance demo at UVM

— March, 1981

We hold a fighting demo at Lyndon State College.

— April 12, 1981

We hold another demo at Lyndon State College.

— April 23, 1981

We hold our Second Annual April Fair, Tourney, and Feast, ‘in honor of Scandinavia.’ The day’s events take place at the Ira Allen Childcare Center, and the Viking Feast is at the College Street Congregational Church. Mairi and Wicliff are the autocrats.

— July 11 and 12, 1981

We hold the To Be Or Not To Be Tourney, a camping event at Montgomery Manor. We lost $50. Lots of outlanders come; our total attendance is about 60. Dafydd, Marieke, Raesean, Olwen and Rudth are autocrats. Tourney winners are Godfried von Ballard and Sean o Wode. It was written in the Kelpie, our newsletter, *It was suggested that we not buy a keg of beer if so many people are brewing mead and wine.*

— July 25, 1981

We hold a demo on Church Street in Burlington. Our photograph is taken while we’re dancing, and it later appears on the Vermont State Maps for several years.

— August, 1981 at Pennsic X

about a dozen Freeholders are in attendance, including Dafydd and Marieke.

— September, 1981

We become a Barony.

— September 6, 1981

We hold a Border Skirmish with Bran’s Watch at the Montgomery Manor. Raesean is autocrat.

— October 31, 1981

. We hold a Baronial Moot and Samhain Revel at Trinity College Gym.

— December 5, 1981

We hold a Yule Tourney at the Trinity College Gym, and a feast in the College Street Congregational Church. Mairi and Raesean are autocrats. This is our first Royal Progress Feast, since King Aelfwine and Queen Arastorm are in attendance, and they give out numerous awards.

— February, 1982

The Freehold device passes heraldic registration.

— February 6, 1982

Sincgieful and Cenwulf Godfyrht are married in a Shelburne church, in a medieval-Jewish style wedding. Marieke, Dafydd, Raesean and Mairi provide music, playing recorders. The Ice Castle Tourney takes place that same day at the Shelburne Middle School. The feast takes place at the Knights of Columbus Hall in South Burlington, and it is attended by a number of rowdy mundane relatives who cause site damage. Marieke is autocrat, and Raesean is the head cook.

— February 14, 1982

Several Freehold musicians, including Mairi, Dafydd, and Marieke, perform a music demo for the Underhill Historical Society, and help them produce a medieval feast.

— March 1, 1982

We hold a demo at Middlebury College. A group is starting to form there; they call themselves Mountain Tower or Goblintooth Pass.

— March 19, 1982

We enjoy a Baronial Potluck Dinner and St. Patrick’s Day Party at St. Anselm’s Chapel, UVM.

— March 26, 1982

Some of us, in garb, are invited to participate in a Medieval Dinner put on by some UVM history students. We Are Not Impressed by their choices.

— March, 1982

A survey goes out to see if the North wants to form a Principality. This movement is under the direction of Aelfwine and Arastorm.

— April 1982

The Principality vote is not successful.

— April 17, 1982

We do a demo at Lyndon State College. At the tourney, Randal of the Dark is proclaimed Baronial Champion.

— April 18, 1982

We do a demo at Middlebury College.

— April 24, 1982

We do a demo at City Hall Park, Burlington.

— May 1, 1982

We hold a Whitsun Market, Tourney, and Feast at Middlebury College. Patrice is autocat. Marieke reluctantly and timidly agrees to be head cook. Dafydd wins the ballad contest.

— June 20, 1982

We do a demo in Waterbury.

— July 10, 1982

Rudth autocrats a camping event at Montgomery Manor. There’s a flying dragon archery shoot organized by Olwen. We make a stunning profit of $145.

— September, 1982

The Middlebury area now calls itself Goblintooth Gap. The Burlington area has taken to calling itself Narrsdorf, which means ‘village of fools.’

— September 4-5, 1982

The first Baronial Birthday Party is held at Montgomery Manor. Patrice is the autocrat, and she roasts a pig for the feast. When the pig slips from the spit, the yell goes out, ‘Pig Malfunction!’ which becomes a bit of a joke. Some Norselanders build the fire too high, that evening, and jump gleefully through it. The Baroness is Not Amused. Sunday morning, the Baroness convenes a moot while the event is still ongoing, to discuss the problems of the night before. Some people consider this the beginning of our Time Of Troubles.

— November 1982

Although we have been considering ourselves a Barony during the whole year of 1982, the Kingdom lists us officially as a Barony starting in November.

— November 6, 1982

We hold a demo at Redstone Campus, UVM, with a moot and mini-feast, autocratted by Marieke, at St. Anselm’s, UVM.

— November, 1982

The paperwork is sent in to make Goblintooth Gap an official canton of the Barony.

— December 11, 1982

We hold our Yule Feast at Ross Lounge, Middlebury College. Mairi is autocrat, and she holds a Baronial Court. Michael of Goblintooth Gap wins the games tourney. Wulfwinn is head cook, and 45 people stay for the feast. Lady T’Sivia of Skraeling Althing wins the tall tale contest with her camel story.

— January 1983

The paperwork for our first canton, Goblintooth Gap, is accepted by the Kingdom.

— February 19, 1983

We hold an Icecastle Market and Feast at the College Street Congregational Church. Marieke is the autocrat and Kyrth Greystone is the cook.

— April 8, 1983

Dr. Skip Dickerson of UVM, Profess or Medieval Literature, gives us a lecture on the Art of Courtly Love. Afterwards we hold a dessert revel and dance practice.

— April 16, 1983

We hold a Spring Recruitment Drive at Middlebury College. There’s a Tourney at the College Gym, followed by a feast for 45 at Ross Lounge. Wulfwinn is the autocrat. Guy Rolandson’s 3-man mele team wins the tourney.

— April 23, 1983

We do a demo for Red Square Affair behind Cook Building at UVM. That evening there is a tumultuous Baronial Moot, during which we discuss an unfriendly letter that Mairi sent to Anrhyfeddod, in response to their request to hold an event on Freehold territory. Our Time of Troubles truly begins�..

— Late April, 1983

Baroness Mairi resigns from her position as Baroness of Mountain Freehold.

— May 1983

The Kingdom accepts the paperwork for our second canton, Gryphon’s Keep.

— May 21, 1983

Narrenbeck holds a demo at Ethan Allen Tower Park, Burlington.

— May, 1983

The northeast portion of Vermont (the three Northeast Kingdom counties) changes its name from Xanthus to Smughandel Vei. The southern portion of Vermont, is calling itself Griffin’s Keep.

— Late May, 1983

Queen Mara and King Vissevald refuse to accept Mairi’s resignation, and strongly suggests that the Freehold find a way to reconcile our differences.

— Mid-June, 1983

Mairi and Thorvald submit paperwork to make Smughandel Vei a separate shire, removed from Mountain Freehold.

— June 18, 1983

At a Freehold Moot, there is a mass resignation of officers who feel they cannot work with Baroness Mairi. Work begins on a Baronial Charter.

— June 25, 1983

Narrenbeck holds another demo at Ethan Allen Tower Park.

— July 2-4, 1983

Freehold’s War Camp, which was going to be held at the home of Thorvald and Mairi in Smughandel Vei, has its location changed to Robin Grant’s Farm in Bristol. Arundel is autocrat. It’s very hot, and we roast chickens for the feast.

— July 8, 1983

At a Moot, the Freehold cedes the northeast corner of Vermont to Thorvald and Mairi so they can form the independent Shire of Smughandel Vei. Marieke is re-elected seneschal. For the time being, we are a Baron-less Barony. We elect Dafydd as Vicar to serve as temporary ceremonial head while we decide on our future group status.

— Pennsic, 1983

Michael Fernandez is attacked by the Leech Lord at Cooper’s Lake.

— August, 1983

The Kingdom Seneschal, Arwen, temporarily suspends Marieke’s warrant as seneschal, because of her ill-advised newsletter issue, satirizing the state of affairs in the Freehold.

— August 6-7, 1983

An event is held in Griffin’s Keep, southern Freehold.

— September, 1983

Arwen decides Marieke may continue as Freehold seneschal, in light of the group’s support for her continuing in that position. We start exploring alternative group status, since we do not wish to remain a Barony.

— September 10-11, 1983

We hold our Birthday Bash, Underhill State Park. ‘The Seven Samurai Meet the Three Musketeers.’ Marieke, Dafydd and Kyrth are autocrats. Five samurai were present, and a whole lot of fencers.

— October 1983

The Shire of Smughandel Vei, comprising territory formerly held by Mountain Freehold, is granted Incipient Status by the Kingdom. It becomes an official shire in March 1984.

— Oct 22, 1983

We hold a Freehold Moot at Middlebury College. We decide to try to become a Confederation of Cantons (like Switzerland), though there is no precedent for this type of group.

— December, 1983

Marieke’s seneschal’s warrant is revoked by King Victor and Queen Sedalia.

— December 17, 1983

We hold a Yule Feast at the College Street Congregational Church. Dafydd is autocrat, Marieke is cook. The feast was great, except for the ‘fish balls’! The event had advance coverage in the Burlington Free Press, in which it was mentioned that we sometimes drink mead and enjoy mideastern dancing. The church takes offense at our immoral ways. They allow us to hold this last event here, but we are not welcome to return.

— Jan. 28, 1984

The Freehold holds a Moot in Proctor Lounge, Middlebury College. We discuss the status of the Freehold. After discovering that we can’t be a Confederation of Cantons, we decide to make ourself into a Province. We’d be the first Province in the East Kingdom, though this type of group is common in other kingdoms. Work continues on the Freehold Charter.

— February 25, 1984

We hold Icecastle Feast at Middlebury College. Amethyst Douglas is autocrat. This is known as the feast of mussels, beer-cabbage soup, and brussels sprouts.

— March 1984

The Kingdom Seneschal agrees to our petition to become a Province, but it must be approved by the Board of Directors.

— March 28, 1984

We hold a demo at Williston Central School.

— April, 1984

The Bristol Star publishes an article on our Icecastle Feast, with illustrations, prominently featuring Arundel of the Mists.

— April 14, 1984

We hold a Freehold Moot in Proctor Lounge, Middlebury. Arundel hands over his Goblintooth Gap seneschal’s key to Amethyst Douglas, and he goes off to England for the summer with the fair, red-headed Donnalee.

— April 28-29, 1984

We hold a Whitsun Fair and Tourney at Castleton State College. Randall of the Dark is autocrat, and Gwenllhian is the cook. Baron Steven of Silverwing’s silver wings make an appearance at the feast, and much merriment ensues.

— June, 1984

The Canton of Narrenbeck holds a demo on Church Street, Burlington. It’s 92 degrees in the shade, but we carry on.

— June 23, 1984

We do another demo at Ethan Allen Tower Park.

— June 29-July 1, 1984

The Freehold holds an event in Erikstadt, a site in Massachusetts, called Northern Alternative to the Peace. Wulfwinn is autocrat. There are sand fleas, many of them.

— July, 1984

Marieke is finally re-warranted as Freehold seneschal. Since last December, the Freehold has refused to elect anybody else in her place. See, we just had to outlast them….

— July 22, 1984

The Canton of Griffin’s Keep holds a demo on Brattleboro Common.

— August 4-5, 1984

We hold a Pre-Pennsic War Camp, at Mike Quinn’s Farm in Middlebury. Gwennlhain is autocrat. Much stormbrew and happy-fruit is consumed. Marieke rolls in a fresh cow-pie during some moonlight shenanigans.

— September 1-3, 1984

We hold our Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park. Marieke is autocrat.

— October 6-8, 1984

Gwennlhain autocrats a Silverwing War in Castleton, at which we return Baron Steven’s Silver Wings, baked inside his birthday carrot-cake. This is our second-ever Royal Progress event. We set Queen Amber up in a nice throne and then were too scared to approach her for most of the day. Eventually she comes to us, and she’s really friendly. Her Majesty holds court and hands out numerous awards. We like her.

— Oct 20, 1984

We hold a Freehold Moot, Proctor Lounge, Middlebury, for routine business.

— December 8, 1984

We hold a Yule Feast with a mid-Eastern theme. Rudth and Rhys are autocrats. The site is the First United Methodist Church. This is called ‘the mint and yogurt feast.’ During the feast, there’s an exhibition of Middle Eastern Dance.

— March 2, 1985

We hold our Ice Castle Feast in Middlebury. Amethyst Douglas is the autocrat. The event is not listed in Pikestaff.

— March 19, 1985

We hold a Freehold Moot in Goblintooth Gap (Bristol). Honore is Seneschal. Our status as Province is approved by the Board of Directors. The Canton of Narrenbeck (downtown Burlington) is an official incipient group, and the Canton of Cambria Keep (UVM Campus) is on the verge of incipiency. We vote to scrap the Charter, which was started in the Time of Troubles. It got us through some rough patches, but it is no longer necessary.

— April 20, 1985

We hold our Whitsun Fair at Castleton College. Gwennlhain is autocrat. At this event we hold our first organized pent-style Arts Competition.

— May 1985

The Canton of Cambria Keep becomes official.

— June 1985

The Canton of Narrenbeck becomes Incipient.

— June 7 or 9, 1985

We hold a moot at Patty Quinn’s mother’s farm in Middlebury. We vote to settle a minor border dispute with Smughandel Vei. Wulfwinn moves to Carolingia to be with Raesean.

— August 18, 1985

At the Pennsic War, Randal of the Dark is made a Master of Arms, to become the Freehold’s first Peer. A large number of Freeholders atetnd this Pennsic, including Tearlach, Gwenydd, Hugo the Knifemaker, Mary of York, Randal, Alistair, Marieke, Gwydion, Arundel, Harry Doppelganger and Maegwynn.

— August 31-September 2, 1985

We hold Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park. Alistair is autocrat, Marieke is cook. We dance by torchlight.

— September 1985

Gwennlhain moves to Drachenwald and later becomes Princess by Right of Arms.

— October 19, 1985

We hold our first Kingdom-level event, a Crown Tourney, at the Rutland State Fairgrounds. Ronald and Bronwyn become the new Prince and Princess of the East. Gwenllhain (who came over from Germany to fulfill her commitment to this event) and Dafydd are autocrats, Marieke is cook. The event goes remarkably smoothly. King Siegfried and Queen Wanda make Tearlach a Master at Arms, our second Freehold Peer.

— December, 1985

A new group is starting up in Montpelier, claiming Orange and Washington Counties. It is led by Charles. The group calls itself Hazeldene. Meanwhile, at this time, the Canton of Goblintooth Gap is dissolved.

— December 7, 1985

We hold a Yule Feast at the First United Methodist Church in Burlington. Rudth and Gwenydd are autocrat and cook. The ‘fighter’s feast’ features lots of meat. At the feast, Master Randal and Master Feral swear sword-brotherhood.

— February 22, 1986

Ice Castle Feast is held in Griffin’s Keep (Brattleboro) at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. Honore and Mikhail are autocrats.

— April 5, 1986

We hold a ‘Come as your Opposite’ New Year’s Day Revel at Christ Church Parish House in Hazeldene (Montpelier). Sian Corwin is autocrat. Our Viking, Ivar, appears as a Cavalier, and Randal of the Dark is dressed all in white with a black baldric. The feast, by Gillian, a professional caterer, is simply amazing, but she never cooks another for us. We have visitors from Ile du Dragon Dormant and Carolingia, including Baron Patri.

— May 3, 1986

We hold a demo for UVM students at Red Square Affair.

— June 1986

The canton of Gryphon’s Keep is dissolved.

— June 8, 1986

We hold a Freehold Moot at Alistair’s apartment in Burlington. Honore passes over his seneschal’s key to Marieke, since he and Mikhail are moving west. Rhys, Kyrth, and Sian Corwin are also moving away from the Freehold this summer. We note that our ‘anarchy by consent’ form of government is working fine and we decide we do not need to replace the Freehold Charter.

— June 15, 1986

The Canton of Hazelden holds a ‘Midsummer Junket’ demo in Hubbard Park, Montpelier.

— June 28-29, 1986

We hold a Demo and Craft Fair, Goose Hill Farm, Orwell. The organizers, who call themselves The Sailor and The Princess, hope this will become a RennFaire, but they’re starting small. Despite the odd setup amongst many mundane craft merchants, we have a great time with dancing and fighting demos.

— July 12-13, 1986

We hold a Saturday fighting and arts demo at Battery Park, Burlington, followed by a chicken barbeque, organized by Rudth and Gwenydd. The weather is grim but we get a good turnout, and we get newspaper and TV coverage. Many outland fighters attend.

— July 26-27, 1986

We hold a ‘Splash and Bash’ event at North Hero State Park, hoping to take advantage of their lovely beach. Rudth is the autocrat and Marieke cooks valiantly outdoors in the pouring rain. It rains, a lot. Nobody fights, but Master Feral is there to tell stories. We sleep in dry park leantos.

— August 10, 1986

Dragor the Grey and Brid are handfasted. We have a great local feast afterwards in the First United Methodist Church.

— August 30 – September 1, 1986

We hold our annual Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park for the fourth straight year. Gwenydd is autocrat. We fill the site to capacity and enjoy a wonderful feast by Tearlach and Gwenydd, under a yellow Freehold pavilion purchased from Johann the Merchant. Kaishaku sang at the campfire, and Sunday afternoon’s village raids were enjoyed by all.

— October 25, 1986

Randal wins Crown Tourney in the Shire of Barren Sands (NJ), and makes Marieke his Princess.

— December 6, 1986

We hold Yule Feast in the First United Methodist Church. Marieke and Dafydd are autocrats. Freeholders present Marieke with a sewing machine, so she won’t have to borrow Alistair’s.

— Sometime in 1987

Mountain Freehold FINALLY is recognized as a Province, not a Barony. (There hasn’t been a baron/ess since 1983!) The delay may be attributed to the fact that there were no other Provinces in the East Kingdom barring the Crown Province of Ostgardr, and this was a big step against the prevailing tradition.

— January 1987

The Canton of Hazelden is officially recognized.

— May 1987

The Canton of Narrenbeck becomes official (after two years of Incipient status.)

— June 1987

The Canton of Cambria Keep is officially dissolved.

— July 31 – Aug 2, 1987

We hold a Northern Region War Camp at Ivar’s Farm in Chester. Gwenydd is autocrat. With Marieke and Randal there, it’s a Royal Progress event. The weather is beautiful and many people camp for both nights.

— August 8-16, 1987

Randal and Marieke are War King and Queen at Pennsic 16. The Midrealm Queen is suffering with brain cancer, and most kingdoms ally with the Mid. The East, vastly outnumbered, still wins two of the seven war points. Pennsic attendance in this year is about 4,600. Brid was going to be in charge of our royal camp, but she has car troubles on the way down, and has to turn back. We are lacking royal camp guards until the Midrealm King, Talymar, sends us some of his until we get our act together!

— September 5-7, 1987

We hold a Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park. Gwenydd is autocrat.

— December 5, 1987

The Pikestaff date is December 12, but we had to change the date. We hold a Yule Feast at the First United Methodist Church in Burlington. Marieke is autocrat and cook. The menu includes hunter’s stew, pea and pork soup, sausage and onions, marlboro tarts, and much more.

— February 6, 1988

The Canton of Narrenbeck hosts a Renaissance Ball in the Contois Auditorium, Burlington City Hall. The event is co-sponsored by the Mayor’s Council on the Arts. Western Wynde provides the live music.

— July 29-31, 1988

The Canton of Narrenbeck sponsors a Northern Region War Practice at Coldwood (Peru, NY). There is a functional pool on site, and the feast features a spit-roasted beast. The Grandchamps are the autocrats.

— September 3-5, 1988

Underhill State Park hosts our Birthday Bash for the sixth time. 50 people attend, a capacity crowd for this site. Ann de la Tourette is autocrat and cook, producing two splendid evening meals. Prince Randal and Princess Katherine are present. Feral told a bedtime story to Donnalee. Other attendees were Carl and Bettina, Lucan and Jana, and Tinker.

— December 3, 1988

We hold our Yule Feast at the First United Methodist Church. Brid is autocrat and Marieke is the cook. King Randal and Queen Katherine hold a Royal Court.

— May 13, 1989

The Whitsun Fair scheduled for Battery Park in Burlington was cancelled for unknown reasons. Rudth and Maerwen would have been the autocrats.

— May 20-21, 1989

The Canton of Hazelden holds a ‘Quest for the Witch of Polecat Howle’ in East Calais. It is a camping event with a storyline. It is attended by Aelfwine, Ekkehardt, a carload from Glenn Linn, and two from Carolingia, as well as numerous Freeholders.

— July 15-17, 1989

The Northern Host gathers at Coldwood, sponsored by Mountain Freehold. The Grandchamps are autocrats.

— September 1-3, 1989

We hold Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park for the seventh consecutive year. Gwenydd and Tearlach are the autocrats and cooks. There was much fighting and lovely weather. Randal and Katherine cleaned out their booze stash from their time as Royalty, so there was plenty to drink.

— December 2, 1989

We hold Yule Feast again at the First United Methodist Church in Burlington. Cyra is the autocrat, Marieke is the cook. Cenwulf helps wash the dishes.

— April 28, 1990

We hold a Northern Region University at the Browns River Middle School in Underhill. There were many classes with a fighting theme, with several being taught by Tearlach, and there were plenty of arts-related classes as well. The autocrat is Countess Katherine, and the cook is Gwenydd.

— September 1-3, 1990

Mountain Freehold’s Birthday Bash leaves the Underhill State Park, because they were getting weird about letting us drive up the camping site. Instead, we move to Coldwood. Maerwen is the autocrat.

— December 8, 1990

Yule Feast is held at the Underhill Central School, since we have outgrown the First United Methodist Church. Randal and Katherine are Prince and Princess again, and we hold a benefit auction for them. At this event, Marieke and Cenwulf get married for real, with Brid presiding as minister. They pretend it’s just a handfasting so people won’t get too excited. The wedding is by torchlight outside, with a light dusting of snow. Marieke is autocrat, and Gwenydd serves a wonderful feast.

— April 6, 1991

The Freehold hosts the Second Coronation of Randal and Katherine at the Underhill Central School. Marieke is the autocrat and Gwenydd is the cook. The chronicle states that Gwenydd’s one-course feast set a new high standard for tastiness and appeal�. It included beef, chicken, pork, carrots, salad, and several desserts. Attendance was about 400, our largest event ever. We made a profit of $212 which we had to split with the Kingdom. At Court, Marieke joins the Order of the Laurel.

— August 31-September 2, 1991

The Freehold Birthday Bash returns to Underhill State Park for another try. Alycia Ravaine and Gwydion are the autocrat, and Maerwen is the cook. Their Majesties Randal and Katherine make a brief appearance but don’t hold court. Somebody called ‘Frank the Mountaineer’ tells interesting stories – this must be Valgeir. Selima and Frederick Dragonheart from Dragon Dormant show off their new baby girl, and Alistair makes an appearance with his nephew.

— December 7, 1991

Yule Feast is held this year at the Browns River Middle School in Underhill. The autocrat is Cenwulf and the cook is Marieke. Snowy weather prevents many from attending, and the event lost $200. Gwenydd does some Middle Eastern Dance and suffers a dramatic Garb Failure.

— March 21, 1992

The Canton of Narrenbeck holds a Feast of Fools at the First United Methodist Church. Teleri is autocrat. We play prooie during the day, and the event is lots of fun. One of the weirdest moment of the day is when Kieran, dressed in full jester regalia, decides he’d better not use the stairway at the same time the real mundane funeral procession was headed upstairs! Findabhair cooks a fantastic feast and serves it backwards, from dessert to appetizers, with the servers walking backwards too. In honor of the Canton of Narrenbeck’s device, the bread is tinted yellow and shaped like little feet with toes. Brand and Amber preside over a Court of Fools, and somebody gets a pie in the face. Cenwulf is awarded a Bear-Whizz t-shirt and mug. At the event, by popular acclaim, Kieran is elected seneschal.

— April 11, 1992

Mountain Freehold hosts the First Feast of the Northern Lights, at the Browns River Middle School. The autocrats are from Dragon Dormant: Master Allyn and Baroness Rhiannon, who is Duchess Katherine’s sister. Duchess Katherine is the autocrat, and Rhiannon runs the arts portion of the event. Ellisif won the Pentathlon. Marieke is in charge of the feast. On the way to the site, she crashes her car on an icy patch and loses part of the feast. Still she arrives on site, given a lift by a friendly utility repairman, and with help, the feast goes on.This is a Royal Progress event, and King Ruslan and Queen Margaret hold a Court. Cenwulf is made a Court Baron. Also in Court, Randal and Katherine announce their intent to form a principality in New England.

— September 4-7, 1992

Mountain Freehold’s Birthday Bash moves back to Coldwood. Tearlach and Gwenydd are autocrats. This one is called ‘Mountain Freehold goes A-Viking.’ This is our first Viking Raid event, with tied-together damsels serving as booty to be relocated by the strong warriors; and a memorable battle in the Bear Pit. The weather is fantastic, except for a gust of wind that brought down a tent pole on Amber’s head. Gwynneth roasts lamb on a spit, and it is an excellent feast.

— December 5, 1992

Mountain Freehold’s Yule Feast is held at the First United Methodist Church. Marieke is autocrat, and she and Dafydd cook the feast. Again, the weather is snowy and awful. After the feast, Rudth performs a mideastern dance that involves balancing three candles, and Heather teaches some vigorous peasant dances.

— February 6, 1993

Narrenbeck’s Ship of Fools docks again in Burlington at the First United Methodist Church. Scott is autocrat and Aoife cooks the feast. Attendance is about 40. There are plenty of games during the day, and there seem to be a large number of children in attendance. At the command of Vidra, who was chosen Queen of Fools, the infamous Drew is hauled out and lashed with a wet noodle. The feast again is served dessert first, starting with a fantastic apple pie. There is enthusiastic dancing after the feast, led by Marieke.

— May 22, 1993

The Freehold hosts Northern Lights II at the South Burlington Middle School. Cenwulf and Allyn are autcrats; Rhi runs the pent and Marieke is the head cook. Gwennydd, in charge of the troll gate, checks in 230 people, and Marieke feeds 168 at the feast.

— September 17-19, 1993

Mountain Freehold goes a-Viking, again, at the Inn at Coldwood. Marieke cooked the feast. We have excellent weather, and the activities include plank fighting, contests for correct Viking behavior, archery, and of course the Bear Pit.

— December 11, 1993

Our Yule Feast is finally scheduled, after some difficulties. We choose a new site, the Parish Hall at St. Catherine’s Church in Shelburne. For the first time, we try a pot-luck feast, and it is wildly successful. At the feast, Cenwulf handed out ‘Silver Croissants’ to worthy gentles: Alistair, Gudrun, and Heather.

— March 12, 1994

The UVM student group has a large and growing number of fencers, and together they plan an ambitous event called the Northern and Central Region Fencing Championships. Heather is the autocrat. The event is held in the South Burlington Elementary School gym. Randal and Katherine call a meeting to discuss the progress of the Principality movement. There’s a simple dayboard but no feast. Attendance is lighter than expected, about 40 gentles.

— May 14, 1994

The Freehold hosts the third Northern Lights Pent, this time at Winooski High School. Cenwulf is autocrat, and Marieke cooks the feast for 150 gentles. King Lucan and Queen Jana hold a Royal Court.

— September

No information on Birthday Bash for this year. If anyone has any stories to tell, please contact Duchess Marieke.

— December 10, 1994

Mountain Freehold’s Yule Feast is held for the second year as a pot-luck, in the Parish Hall of St. Catherine’s Church, Shelburne. Marieke is autocrat. It snows that evening and many people leave early.

— Sometime in 1995

At some point in 1995, we voted to change our status (downsize) from Province to Shire. We were finding it unnecessarily burdensome to fill the many required offices, put out the required newsletter, and keep our membership numbers up. I can’t find the moot records for when exactly this was decided. If I recall, the main argument in favor was that we figured it would be more fun to be a relaxed and laid-back shire than to continue as a somewhat resource-stretched larger group.

— April 8, 1995

Mountain Freehold’s Feast of Fools is organized by first-time autocrat Arundel. The site is the Masonic Lodge in St. Albans. The hall is locked when we arrive and it takes an hour or so to find somebody with a key. Once we get in, we have a great time with assorted egg games, under Albreda’s direction. The feast, for 64, was cooked by Marieke. Because some guests intruded on private rooms in the building, we are not allowed to return to the site.

— May, 1995

We participate in a medieval fair at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho.

— September 2-4, 1995

We celebrate our Birthday Bash at Underhill State Park after a three-year absence. Rudth and Sean are the cooks, and they present two feasts, on Saturday and Sunday. Albreda and Arundel are the autocrats.

— December 9, 1995

Our Yule Feast is held this year at Burnham Hall in Lincoln. Mirabel and Cleo are the autocrats, and Findabhair and Mirabel are the cooks.

— February 7, 1996

We do a demo for the Albert D Lawton School in Essex Jct. Dwarf, Thorson, Cenwulf, Marieke, Albreda and Arundel are present. The kids loved it!

— April 20, 1996

Fool’s Feast is celebrated at Burnham Hall in Lincoln. Marieke serves a feast of simple peasant fare, assisted by Mirabel. Albreda is Mistress of Merriment, and Thorson is Master of the Tourney. Cleo is in charge of reservations.

— May 10, 1996

We participate in a Demo at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

— September 21, 1996

We hold a small event at the O’Brien Civic Center in South Burlington. We have combat on the lawn outside, and we dance indoors. A pot-luck feast is served.

— December 7, 1996

We hold our Yule Feast at the Unitarian Univeralist Church at the head of Church Street in Burlington. Mirabel cooks some really good mushroom tartlets. The room is underground and a bit claustrophobic.

— February 28, 1997

We hold a pot-luck gathering at the O’Brien Center on Patchen Road in South Burlington.

— Early March, 1997

The Freehold holds a moot to discuss granting land to Panther Vale. They have elected officers that live Craftsbury, which is currently in the Freehold. To help them out, we grant them the zipcodes for Craftsbury and Hardwick.

— May 10, 1997

We again participate in the Medieval Fair at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho.

— May 17, 1997

We celebrate our Feast of Fools at the United Church of Hinesburg. Livia cooks the feast and Arundel is autocrat. The event motto is: ‘The fools of the moutains are not the fools of the valleys.’

— June 14, 1997

We celebrate a Freehold Frolic at Oakledge Park in Burlington. It’s a combination event and demo. Rudth is in charge of the feast. We enjoy fighting, fencing, dancing, and swimming.

— September 12-14, 1997

Mountain Freehold celebrates its 20th birthday, one year early. The site is the Waterbury/Stowe Fish and Game Club. The autocrat is Findabhair and Marieke is the cook, assisted by Mirabel, Elke, and Idhunna. Many ancient Freeholders come to visit, including Mairi, Sincgiefu, Cenwulf Godfyrht, Brid, and Gwenllhain. Dafyyd brings baby Owen to his first event. Tearlach organized Viking Games, and Thorson led the battles in the woods and on the field.

— January, 1998

In this year, Reina joins the Freehold.

— Jan. 17, 1998

Yule Feast is held late this year, at the National Guard Armory in Swanton. Connor MacTard is the autocrat. Vermont is still recovering from the effects of the Ice Storm of Jan. 8.

— September 25-27

Mountain Freehold holds Birthday Bash in conjuction with Coldwood’s Tenth Year Event, and Northern Outpost turns 18. The Grandchamps are the autocrats, and Marieke cooks a feast for 150, with much help from Mirabel and Skya. Because not everybody can fit in the Inn, the feast is divided into ‘above the salt’ (those sitting in the Inn) and ‘below the salt’ (dining outdoors.) Egil sponsors a poetry contest, and we play gambling games in the Inne until dawn.

— December 1998

We go caroling in costume on Church Street, and then had an after-party dessert revel at the Unitarian Church.

— Spring

In this year, Baroness Gwynedd of Tanglewood retires from office after serving as Freehold Exchequer for many, many years. Dafydd becomes our new Exchequer.

— Jan. 2, 1999

Again we hold our Yule in January. This year it’s at the Warren School, held in conjunction with Panther Vale. The autocrat is Bella, and the feast is by Livia. Fighting, led by Elazar, takes place in the gym. Madeline leads a scribe workshop in the afternoon. Dancing is taught in the afternoon, and a Masked Ball, with live music, is held in the evening. Records state that Baroness Mairi makes an appearance.

— May 8, 1999

Marieke becomes Princess when Lucan wins Crown Tourney in Havre des Glaces.

— May 15, 1999

We hold an Early Period University at the UVM Farm. Ishido is autocrat and Arundel organizes the classes. Tearlach also holds a warlord tourney. Idhunna presents an early period feast outdoors in the evening. We have a great turnout, and it is considered a very successful day.

— July 1999

Mountain Freehold finally gets an email discussion list, hosted on the UVM server. From now on, archives of our discussions are kept online (making archival research much easier).

— September 9, 1999

We hold a demo at UVM for Student Activities Day. Ishido, Madeline, Marieke, Gem, and others help to run the table in front of the Billings Building.

— September 12, 1999

Madeline and Ishido host a moot at their farm, to discuss details for Coronation and other upcoming events.

— September 21, 1999

There’s a UVM meeting of the Burlington Medieval Society (the on-campas alias for the student medieval group), hosted by Jem Ak’ka in Terrill Building, and there’s a fighting and fencing demo on the lawn outside the building.

— September 25, 1999

Mountain Freehold hosts the Coronation of Lucan and Marieke at Mount Mansfield Union High School. It is an amazing day, with attendance topping 250.

— Ongoing throughout the Fall

Ishido arranges meetings on the UVM campus for the students. Each meeting has a project (beltmaking, shoemaking, banner making, sewing garb) to help equip the students.

— December 11, 1999

We hold a Yule Potluck Feast at the First Congregational Church of St. Albans. Idhunna is autocrat. We dance during the day, and several merchants set up inside.

— December 18 1999

We again go carolling on Church Street. Afterwards we thaw out in the Unitarian Church. Carolling is organized by Lady Alice.

— Spring

In this year, student meetings at UVM continue on a weekly basis. Iago and Svava move to the Freehold. Marieke becomes Kingdom Chronicler mid-way through the year, and we have monthly Pikestaff lick-and-stick parties, which serve a useful social function as well.

— Jan. 21, 2000

The Freehold has a routine moot at Winooski High School.

— February 20, 2000

Ishido organizes a major student demo at UVM at the Patrick Gym.

— May 13, 2000

We hold our customary demo at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho.

— May 25

Ishi and Elazar hold a demo at the CVU High School.

— June 11, 2000

We hold a moot at the home of Madeline and Ishido. We approve spending money for new canvas for the Freehold Pavilion.

— July 8, 2000

We hold a Symposium of the Arts at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho. This event attracts artisans from all over the region, and it’s a very productive and interesting day. Marieke and Mirabel are the autocrats. We organize the ‘arts stations’ where artisans working on similar types of projects are gathered together. Erik the Tall cooks the feast. The event is very successful.

— Summer 2000

Due to an unfortunate typo, the Freehold Archers, led by Elke, become known as the Freehold Hooters. Hoot, hoot!

— August 14, 2000

At Pennsic, Thorson and Kassandra are married.

— September 6, 2000

We have an SCA table at the UVM Student Activities Fair.

— September 30, 2000

Danny Pyles is born, the son of Ishido and Madeline.

— December 16, 2000

We go carolling on Church Street, in Burlington. The after-party is in Billings at UVM, since the Unitarian Church wanted too much money.

— Fall

In this year, we have no Birthday Bash.

— Winter

In this year, UVM meetings continue. And Pikestaff lick & stick parties continue monthly at Marieke’s house. Elazar gets married and moves to Germany.

— Jan. 13, 2001

We hold our late Yule Feast in the Charlotte Grange. Elke is the autocrat. It’s a pot-luck feast. For some reason, attendance is very high�.but the site is small. People sit on each others’ laps. It’s wild and noisy inside, and the plumbing ceases to function – but there was plenty of food, and a great time was had by all!

— February 15, 2001

We grant some land in Orleans County to Panther Vale, but we are careful to keep Ekk & Anna, and Johnson State College.

— March 17, 2001

We hold a Feast of Fools at our customary church in St. Albans. Katherine Slough is the autocrat, and we enjoy a pot-luck sideboard.

— May 19, 2001

We hold our customary demo at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

— June 9-10, 2001

We hold an archery event at Mills River Park in Underhill. Dante sets up some great challenges for us. A few of us camp overnight in the upper field, and Ekk amuses us with some great campfire stories. We had some problems with mundanes driving through our camp at night.

— September 22, 2001

We hold an Arts in the Mountains event at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Alice Nele is the autocrat, and Cenwulf and Sarah take care of the troll. The Pikestaff Printer is running late, so the Pikestaff lick-and-stick takes over a corner of the event. Erik the Tall cooks another fine feast for 40-50 gentles.

— Oct 2001

There is some talk on our email list about whether we should become a Barony again.

— October 5, 2001

Tyrvold autocrats the King of the Mountain event at Johnson State College. The event has a date typo in Pikestaff. The weather is predicted to be foul that day, and there are difficulties with the indoor site being unavailable, so the event is called off, with a flurry of phone calls in the morning�. but some people don’t get the word and the event goes on anyway. In the end, about 20 people, including outland visitors from Panther Vale and Carolingia, brave the sleety biting wind, sitting in the soccer field dugout, watching the fighters whack each other in the rain.

— October 16, 2001

We hold a Freehold Moot in Terrill Hall, UVM, to discuss our plans for replacing Ishido, who is resigning as seneschal. The Freehold bank account balance is down to $373. We also discuss events for the coming year.

— December 1, 2001

We hold the second of two Yule Feasts this year, but the first of this season. This feast is at the St. Catharine’s Parish Hall in Shelburne. The cook is Rudth, and Marieke is the autocrat.

— January, 2002

We hold our second Yule Feast, a pot-luck at the First United Methodist Church in St. Albans.

— March 16, 2002

We celebrate our Freehold Feast of Fools at the Underhill ID School Gym and in the outdoor field nearby. Gerhardt marshals the tourney, and we enjoy various games and stilt-walking. Livia is the autocrat, and Skya prepares a magnificent feast. Dante is the King of Fools.

— April 20, 2002

Dwarf and Dante proclaim a Rumble at the Speckled Trout Inn, held at the Essex Grange Hall. The Inn features gambling, rat-races, pickpockets, bawdy wenches, and other disreputable behavior, along with a live band called the Fool’s Jacket Troupe. The feast is cooked and served by the Ougley Cult. The event is a wild success.

— May 18, 2002

May 18, 2002 We participate in the Medieval Fair at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho. AEthelwulf rejoins the Freehold after a long voyage to the southlands.

— September 21, 2002

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of our shire’s founding, one year early (who says we can count that high?) The event is held on the property of Mirabel and Eric in New Haven. Ishido and Thorson set up a very fun quest-maze. Skya served a feast to 88 feasters, who took shelter in the upper loft of a large garage, due to the evening downpours. As it was Dante’s birthday, we wanted to sing him the Birthday Dirge, but he hates that song� so we sang him the regular Birthday Song instead (which is even worse).

— December 7, 2002

We hold our annual Freehold Yule Potluck this year in the St. Albans First United Methodist Church. We work on the Bayeux Tapestry painting project under Idhunna’s direction.

— April 19, 2003

This year’s Rumble is held at the Moretown Town Hall. It’s run by the Ougleys, of course, and Marguerite is the person taking reservations. We enjoy live music, arm-wrestling, a spitting contest, saucy serving wenches, and much flowing ale. The theme is, ‘nurture your inner hooligan.’ Again, it’s a hugely successful event.

— September 2003

We hold our Birthday Bash again on Mirabel and Eric’s property in New Haven. Marieke cooks the feast, which is served outdoors under a large rented pavilion. It’s a bit wet and rainy. There was a memorial for AElfwine after the Saxon-themed feast. Arastorm and Olaf were there, and people who’d known AElfwine told stories about him and sang songs.

— May 2003

We participate in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church fair.

— Jan. 17, 2004

Mountain Freehold’s Yule Feast is a pot-luck held at the First United Methodist Church in St. Albans. Fionn arranges a very amusing Mathom Gift Exchange with Clue Cards. Dwarf and Marguerite are autocrats, and they arrange a very fun workstation where people could build a gingerbread Viking village.

— May 8, 2004

The Third Rumble at the Speckled Trout Inn is held at the Moretown Town Hall. Dwarf and Marguerite prepared a fine feast, Allie was chief serving wench, and Rudth and Sean kept the troll table in good order. The event was, again, fantastic.

— September 3-6, 2004  

Mountain Freehold’s Birthday Bash is held this year in Brandon at the Smoke Rise Campground. The theme is ‘Irondwarf takes the Freehold Vikings on a Field Trip.’ Marguerite and Dwarf are autocrats. The event features thrown weapons, archery, fighting, and Fionn’s Mathom Exchange.

— October 30-31, 2004

King Thorson and Queen Svava accept our bid to host their Crown Tournament (which is won by Kelson and Genvieve). We select the grounds of Camp Abenaki in North Hero, which turns out to be an excellent off-season site. Anna is autocrat, Marieke and Tegan run the ongoing lunchboard, and Skya prepares an astonishing Viking-style feast, including smoked salmon and Danish goat-cheese. The event goes smoothly and we all have a great time.

— Yule

In this year there is no Yule Feast (perhaps we’re still too exhausted after Crown!)


In this year, Sealey comes to the Freehold. Ishido, Madeline and Danny move out of the Freehold.

— April 10, 2005

We hold a Freehold moot at the Underhill ID school, where we filled some offices and discussed future events.

— April 24, 2005

We attempt to have a demo at the St. Albans Maple Fest, but the weather is dreary, and very few Freeholders actually show up.

— May 7, 2005

Since the Specked Trout Inn is closed for the year (with Dwarf overseas), Marieke and Dafydd decide to hold a Feast of Fools and Bizarre Bazaar in the Moretown Town Hall. We hold a distance-spitting contest, we gamble with beans at the Tablero Table, we play prooie, and there are some egg races. We also had a Best Legs contest. Thegoal of the day is to collect beans, which Owen accumulates in the vast numbers. Skya cooks a wonderful feast. The kitchen had no functional stove, but we got the Saturn grill, but it was half the size of the one we’ve used before. And still it was a magnificent feast.

— May 21, 2005

We hold our customary demo at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho.

— June 25, 2005

We hold another Moot, more of a social occasion, at the home of Marieke and Cenwulf.

— July 17, 2005

We hold a Picnic in the Park, at Ethan Allen Tower Park in Burlington. Sealey organizes it. The weather is hot.

— September 23-25, 2005

The Freehold and Coldwood hold a joint Fall Bash event at the Coldwood Inn in Peru, NY. Sir Stephen and Marieke are the autocrats, and the feast is by Valgard and Ambrosius.

— Jan. 14, 2006

Yule Feast is held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington. It’s a small pot-luck event. The hall is cozy and we have a great time telling stories.

— A.S. XLI

In this year, Yvain comes to the Freehold, and Dafydd & Owen move to Panther Vale.

— April 15, 2006

A demo-style event is held at Johnson State College, organized by Cecily. Fighting takes place outside on a chilly, misty day. Inside there is a ladies’ sewing circle, and Ardenia leads a dance practice. We enjoy a pot-luck lunch board.

— June 3, 2006

Whitsun Fair is held in Burlington at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington. Sealey autocrats her first event. During the drizzly afternoon, Marieke and others play Bocce on the lawn, and Tearlach organizes a 5-man Tournament, which is won by Bertrand and Ketil. Maeve cooks an astonishing feast for 40 gentles.

— July 9, 2006

We hold a Moot at Mills Riverside Park in Jericho. Dafydd our Seneschal announces that he is moving out of the Freehold. Mirabel will be temporary seneschal until an election is held later this summer. Rev retires as Marshal and Tyrvold takes his place. Ardenia becomes our Chatelaine.

— Oct 7-8, 2006

We celebrate our Birthday Bash jointly with Coldwood. Sir Stephen is the autocrat, and the feast is cooked by Valgard & Ambrosius, with Marieke contributing some pre-made dishes. It’s frosty-cold both nights.

— October 28, 2006

There is a demo at Falcon’s Peak, which is Johnson State College. A ten-man tourney takes place in the Gym, while in a nearby building, the ladies converse and share projects.

— Dec. 9, 2006

We had our Yule Feast again this year in the Greek Orthodox Church, autocratted by Yvain. During the afternoon we practiced our carolling for the forthcoming jaunt on Church Street, and Marieke taught a few dances to an enthusiastic crowd. Maeve cooked a wonderful French feast for 35 gentles. During the feast, Marieke took Allie as her protegee, and she announced that Dafydd became her protege not long before, at Panther Vale Yule. Following the feast was a very amusing mathom exchange.

— Sept. 29-30, 2007

Our 29th Birthday Bash was held at Brewster River Campground, in Jeffersonville. Owyn cooked a meaty stew for dinner, and Tearlach led an auction to benefit Skya and Rev’s new baby. A tourney was held to find a Freehold Champion, and the winner was Ketil.

— Oct. 20, 2007

Mimir’s Well was a schola event held in the Warren Elementary School (by permission of Panther Vale.) Sealey and Albreda were in charge, with Iago helping at Troll, and a lunchboard team including Lisabetta, Erasmus, Marieke and Brigitta. (No feast.) The classes and lunchboard were fantastic but attendance was a bit lighter than we had hoped for.

— Jan. 12, 2008

Mountain Freehold’s Yule Feast was held on this date at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington. The feast was potluck, embellished with Iustonos’ traditional vasilopita bread. Iustinos was the autocrat.

— Sept. 19-21, 2008

In this year, Birthday Bash was again held at Brewster River Campground on the slopes of Mount Mansfield in Jeffersonville with about 30 in attendance. Allie was the autocrat, and Marieke and Dafydd produced the dayboard and a campfire feast of eight dishes. Ketil, the former Freehold Champion, designed a wily tourney that was won by Aidan of Coldwood, but somehow Aethelwulf had more “points” so he becomes the new Champion. Surprise guests Raesean and Wulfwyn told fireside stories of ancient Freehold days. Friday night’s bonfire involved Ketil and a huge log; and Cenwulf wrestling in the dark with a lantern pole.

— Oct 26, 2008

A moot was held at the Davis Center on the UVM campus, with Mirabel presiding as seneschal. The main topic was a “peppery” discussion of whether we should advance our status from Shire to Barony (or Province.) No conclusions were arrived at.

— Nov. 9, 2008

The second Mimir’s Well took place at the Warren School, with Albreda as autocrat. Her Majesty Queen Alethea attended the event and held a short Court.

— Jan. 17, 2009

Mountain Freehold’s Yule Feast was held at the Greek Orthodox Church, together with Panther Vale’s Twelfth Night, and gentles from both shires mingled in friendship. During the afternoon, a meeting was held to discuss the idea of combining groups into a Barony – perhaps just our two groups, or possibly the whole state. The feast was potluck, and the autocrat was Iustinos.

— March 21, 2009

After many years of travel, Northern Lights Pentathlon of the Arts and Sciences was held this year in Mountain Freehold, the shire of its birth. Albreda was the autocrat, and Lady Rowan de Beauchamp was the Pent Organizer. Attendance was smaller than we had hoped (22 artist entrants) but judges came from far and wide, and there were plenty of wondrous works to behold. Lady Katharine of Panther Vale presented a fantastic dayboard.

— May 16, 2009

Our usual Demo was held at the Lutheran Church in Jericho.

— Sept. 11-13, 2009

Birthday Bash was held again at the Brewster River Campground. Allie was the autocrat and Marieke was the cook. Uldric Klien took the Champion’s Horn from Aethelwulf. Mactores Romae appeared en masse, in beautiful red Roman cloaks. The stars on Saturday night shone brightly on our revels.

— October 2009

Following the resignation of Iustinos as seneschal, we held an election by email. Our new seneschal is Owyn Claerwyn.

— July 17, 2010

Lisabetta organized a period bake sale at the Grand Isle Farmer’s Market with Marieke, Anna, and Katherine Slough. All foods offered are documentably medieval, our booth was suitably decorated, and we were in garb. It was a great sunny day, and we got lots of interested customers, and the activity serves as a very nice demo.

— Oct. 23, 2010

The Freehold hosted the Crown Tournament of King Griffyth and Queen Aikaterine at a Boy Scout Camp in Grand Isle. Attendance was 250 adults. At the end of the day, a stomach affliction caused much distress amongst the stricken. Because of Crown Tourney, we did not hold a Birthday Bash this year.

— Jan. 8, 2011

Yule Feast, again held with Panther Vale, was held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington. Erasmus and Lisabetta were the autocrats, and it was a pot-luck feast. Since there was no Birthday Bash, the Freehold Championship was fought at this Yule. Mael-Giric became our new Champion, fighting in the dark, in several inches of snow. Attendance was 35 people.

— May 14, 2011

We held our annual Lutheran Church Demo in Jericho.

— July 16, 2011

We held our second Medieval Bake Sale at the Grand Isle Farmer’s Market.

— Sept. 9-11, 2011

Our Birthday Bash returned after taking a break last year. We gathered at the Brewster River Campground on the slope of Mount Mansfield. This year, the traditional Champion’s Tourney was fought by the ladies, with boffers. Aerona was declared the Champion. The menfolk plan to re-fight the Champion’s Tourney at the Closing of the Inn. With a very low attendance, fewer than 20 people, we start to wonder, “where have all the Freeholders gone?”

— Jan. 21, 2012

We held a pot-luck dinner and mingle-meeting at the home of Karl and Blythe in Burlington. Much fun and friendly conversation ensued.

— Feb. 4, 2012

Owyn, our Seneschal, held a moot at the home of Iustinos in Burlington. We discussed filling shire offices, holding mini-events and more meetings, planning events for the coming year, and how to restore a critical mass of active members.

— April 21, 2012

The theme for this year’s Fool’s Feast was “The Hunt for the Dragon.” It was held at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington. The 26 guests amused themselves with egg races, a riddle quest, and a dragon piñata, among other things. The feast, cooked by the Freehold Cooks Guild, was dragon-inspired

— July 21, 2012

On this day the Freehold Cooks Guild held the Third Annual Medieval Bake Sale in Grand Isle.

— Oct. 13, 2012

Our Birthday Bash was held again at the Brewster River Campground near Mount Mansfield. The feast was an array of tasty soups and stews. House Grandchamp won the Freehold Championship, and taunted us to come and take it back at the Closing of the Inn. Attendance was 39 adults, 9 children.

—  Jan. 19, 2013

It was Mountain Freehold’s turn to host our Joint Yule Feast with Panther Vale. We assembled in the Greek Orthodox Church. However, since Owyn’s departure, we were lacking a seneschal, so we couldn’t actually run an event. Our friends in Panther Vale agreed to sponsor the event for us. Dominus Tiberius was the autocrat, and Lisabetta presented a fine feast. At the event, our Regional Seneschal Dafydd, who had been collecting the election email ballots, announced that our new seneschal is Lord Sean o Wode.

— March 23, 2013

A moot was held at Marieke’s house, with various interesting topics, but the main one was how to expand our southern borders to include the greater Rutland area. Sean, our seneschal, agreed to revisit this longstanding conundrum (which we’ve been trying to accomplish for several years.)

— March 29, 2014

Our Feast of Fools was held at the First Congregational Church in St. Albans. Along with a generous dayboard, we enjoyed egg races, contests and other silliness. 29 adults and six children attended. Lady Katherine was the autocrat.

— June 29, 2014

We held at Moot at Lisabetta’s house in North Hero. Minutes report it as “lovely, sweet and productive.” We discussed routine business, we got an update on our border expansion project, and we planned future events.

— Sept. 27, 2014

On this date we held a combined Birthday Bash and Demo at Taylor Park in St. Albans. The weather was fine. During the day we were one of many booths and activities at a farmer’s market on the main green. At 5 pm we proceeded to the nearby church to enjoy a wondrous feast.

— Jan. 10, 2015

We held our Yule Feast/Twelfth Night event, jointly with Panther Vale, at the Greek Orthodox Church in Burlington, with Sean o Wode as autocrat. The feast was produced by the Freehold Cooks Guild. There was a display of current A&S projects and recent works. Marieke won a “populace choice” scroll by Lisabetta, for her embroidered Saxon gown. Attendance was about 50. Among that number were some new faces from the Dagorhir group.

— April 15, 2015

We held our Fool’s Feast at the Congregational Church in St. Albans. Classes alternated with games throughout the day, including our traditional egg races. The fighters persevered in the nearby parking lot, despite some drizzle. The feast, by Lady Katherine, began at 4 p.m. to allow time for dancing, and an elaborate banquet of Elizabethan Desserts. Attendance was 46 adults and 14 teens.

— July 21, 2015

On this fine day, our seneschal, Sean o Wode, announced that the Kingdom Seneschal officially approved our shire’s southern expansion! The Freehold now includes Rutland and Castleton.

— Sept. 26, 2015

Mountain Freehold’s Birthday Bash was held again at the Brewster River Campground at the side of Mount Mansfield. Elke autocratted, for her first time. Friday evening was quite chilly, so we decided to start the event on Saturday. We had some heavy list, some fencing, but most of all, good company and lots of food! It was a pot-luck feast, and it was a bounteous, creative, delicious joint enterprise. We had 29 day-guests and 17 who camped overnight on Saturday. Gavin was named the Freehold Champion and will bear the horn for the coming year.

— Feb. 28, 2016

Sean o Wode,  our seneschal, calls a Moot to discuss, among other things, the possibility of forming a Barony in conjunction with Panther Vale. He also announces that he must step down, because of a new rule limiting seneschals to two two-year terms, and he has been serving for about five years. Thomas becomes our new Seneschal.

— April 23, 2016

Feast of Fools this year was held in Castleton, to celebrate the acquisition of our new southern lands. Alaxandr was autocrat, and Isabelet cooked us a fantastic, very tasty feast. The site was adjacent to a lake and lovely woodlands. We played some Viking games, fought and fenced, had a few classes, played Gluckshaus, and had plenty of games for the children. There was even room for a small archery range. Tearlach held a very successful auction to raise money for the shire. We had an attendance of 75 people.

— Oct. 8, 2016

Our Birthday Bash was held in the Mills Riverside Park. We were allowed to use the upper field, the Eagle Meadow, which was relatively isolated. It was a pot-luck dayboard and feast (with no cooking facilities except for a firepit, but the roast pork loin worked out just fine!) and there was plenty of food. A Big Wind took down a new white pavilion that David Poirier had provided. Some classes happened – Finn the Forester showed us some useful herbs and woodland survival tricks, Thomas taught meadmaking, and Elke showed how to repair arrows. And for the first time ever, the Freehold selected a Fencing Champion, Kai, who was presented with a pewter mug to pass on to future recipients. The Heavy List Champion was Volkmar.

— Jan. 21, 2017

Burnham Hall in Lincoln was the site for our combined Yule/Twelfth Night with Panther Vale. Thomas was autocrat. We had a plentiful pot-luck feast, with some dishes served directly to the tables and others on the sideboard. The site was “dry” unless we had a licensed bartender… and like magic, one appeared, and there was much rejoicing!

— Feb. 25,  2017

Aurelia and Eleanor had heard of the glories of our past Mimir’s Well events (invented by Albreda, to educate us), and decided to revive the day of classes for our amusement and edification. We had a very good turnout, and a fine selection of classes and exhibits.  Aurelia found us a great new site, the St. James Episcopal Church in Essex Jct. Lady Katherine laid forth a fine dayboard.

— July 11 and July 16, 2017

Two moots were held, at different times and locations to maximize attendance. We talked about various ways to increase participation and get new members with demos, and flyers and business cards to hand out. We also discussed the importance of officers, how to elect them, and how they should have deputies.

— July 29, 2017

The town of Fairfax held a mini-Rennfaire, and we participated with fencing, heavy list, and an A&S table.

— August 26, 2017

The Freehold Cooks Guild held another Medieval Bake Sale at the Grand Isle Farmer’s Market. We made some great contacts and people enjoyed the tasty offerings.

— Oct. 14,  2017

This year’s Birthday Bash was held at the St. James Episcopal Church in Essex Junction. It was a very busy day, but Eleanor, the autocrat, kept everything on track. We selected Shire Champions for Archery (Eleanor), Fencing (David Poirier), Heavy List (Dan of the Freehold, who only qualified that morning!), and A&S (Lisabetta). Duchess Marieke presented a Letter of Marque to the Freehold’s Fencing Company. After the first course of Katherine’s excellent feast, Tearlach held a very successful auction, raising over $800 for the shire. The second course, sadly, went largely unappreciated, but people were happy to take home the leftovers.

— Feb. 24, 2018

Mimir’s Well was held for the second year at St. James Episcopal Church in Essex Jct. Eleanor and Kenneric were the autocrats. We enjoyed a fine array of classes, and a luscious dayboard produced by Katherine.

— April 21, 2018
On a chilly but sunny spring day, we gathered at Burnham Hall in Lincoln for our Feast of Fools (which had been rescheduled from the previous week, due to an ice-storm.) Clovis and Katherine were autocrats. We held the First Annual Kelpie Crest Combat. The Foolish A&S entries were quite imaginative with the winner being a stick that was craftily hunted, captured and well-documented by Finn. The illusion feast was delicious and cunningly contrived to fool the wariest of feasters!

— Aug. 26, 2018

On this day, a Sunday, we held our traditional Birthday Bash on the shore of Lake Champlain, at Knight’s Point State Park in Grand Isle. Odd Leoson prevailed as shire fencing champion, and the populace chose Sage as A&S champion. The archery champion, David Poirier, was selected at a separate contest held the week before, and the new heavy list champion will be chosen at Coldwood’s Closing. Dafydd produced a tasty Crusader-themed feast.

— Jan. 19, 2019

The customary joint Freehold/Panther Vale Yule/12th Night feast was hosted this year in our fair shire, at St. James Episcopal Church in Essex Jct. Dafydd and Marieke were the autocrats, and we enjoyed a glorious pot-luck feast.

— March 9, 2019

Approximately 100 gentles gathered again at Mimir’s Well at St. James Episcopal Church in Essex Jct. for a day of classes (25 excellent offerings), capped by a Forester’s Court at which several Freeholders joined the folk of the Green. Kenneric and Eleanor were the autocrats, with a tasty Middle-Eastern dayboard provided by Kat.

— April 13, 2019

Our Feast of Fools was held at the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington. Reynard the Fox caused mayhem and mischief among the revellers, who were dressed in clever guisings. A backwards feast, a Kelpie-Crest combat, a scavenger hunt, and an awards “Court” were all cleverly planned by Lady Clovis, the autocrat, and Lady Katherine, in charge of the edibles. A very fun time was had by all!

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