Thank you for your interest in teaching at this year’s Mimir’s Well! The form to fill out is below.

Class submissions are open until February 1st. Once submissions close, the autocrats will be putting together a balanced, varied schedule. We have always made it our goal to have this event offer something for anyone who might want to attend, which means not focusing too heavily on any one area. If ten people submit class ideas for Naalbinding, we are going to have to pick and choose (and maybe suggest someone run an event with that as the focus!). Not all those who submit a class are guaranteed a space on the schedule, depending on how many interested teachers we have.

All teachers whose classes have been selected will be contacted by Sunday February 9th, and the class schedule will be posted by February 14th (if not sooner).

Classes are expected to last one hour. If you would like to teach a class that would take more than an hour we can discuss what that might look like, if time and schedule allow.

If you have any questions please reach out to the autocrats – Kenneric and Eleanor

Please Note – this is a strictly dry site and no alcohol may be present.