From Libro di Cucina, 14th/15th cent., translated by Helewyse de Birkestad (Louise Smithson) from transcription of Ludovico Frati, Libro di Cucina del Secolo XIV. Livorno 1899. Available online thanks to Thomas Gloning.

Stuffed eggs. If you want to make stuffed eggs, take the eggs and put to boil and make them good and hard, and when they are cooked take them out and put in cold water and peel them and cut in half and pull out the yolks, and take the fattest cheese you can that is good and sweet, and good herbs that you have well peeled and well washed and beat to a paste in the mortar together with the good herbs, and make a paste and temper with raw eggs, and make it good, and put a frying pan over the fire, and take the halved eggs that you have and stuff with this paste and put them to cook. When they are cooked, pull off and powder them with sugar and bring them hot to the table.