Present: Thomas, Leo, Gudrun, Marieke, Dafydd, Lisabetta, Aethelwulf, and (via Zoom) Findabhair, Autumn, Alaxandr, and Ysabelet.

We reviewed the notes from the last meeting and Thomas will follow up on any unresolved issues.

Covid update: Thomas reported that the SCA Board of Directors, as well as the East Kingdom, have lifted the previous Covid restrictions. However, individuals are welcome to continue wearing masks and social distancing if they wish. We are no longer permitted to check for vaccine status at events and meetings. Thomas noted that things were confusing for a while as there were some sudden twists and turns. He said he’s always happy to listen to concerns and help sort out problems.

Shire Recognitions: AEthelwulf expressed interest in making Corbie medallions by acid-etching some metal pieces. Thomas mentioned experimenting with repousse work for the Kelpie medallions. Gudrun has the molds if we decide to pour pewter ones. Marieke will check her basement to see if she still has the Ancient Roll of Recipients (which are also listed on the Shire Website under Who We Are – Awards and Recognitions.)

A&S: Gudrun is now the Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Northern Region, as well as for our shire. She appreciates being sent photos of what you’re working on ( – Lisabetta is working on a miniature St. Michael illumination, experimenting with super-fine brushes, and she’s also learning how to dye vellum black. – The last online A&S had a new participant: Welcome, Penny! – Gudrun welcomes suggestions for upcoming monthly A&S meetings,and we thought of board games, dancing, seasonal caroling, and illumination.

Shire A&S Championship: Rosie is preparing for the Shire A&S Championship which will be held this spring. She will take the Kingdom Rubric and adapt it for our shire’s use. The theme for this competition is “Anachronism” and an example would be to take a meme and make it medieval. — If spring seems too far away, there will be opportunities to display your arts at Birka.

Yule Feast: This is probably a “go” but we’re waiting for approval from our Exchequer. (Update: It’s a go!) Kastana has volunteered to be autocrat. The date would be Sat Dec. 10, in St Albans, and there would be a sit-down feast. Thomas suggested bringing a portable firepit so we can have a bonfire outside in the parking lot. Details will be forthcoming soon.

Pursuivant: Dafydd continues to be busy attending to a variety of heraldic business: some people are just starting the design phase, while others are done with their paperwork and have sent it in. – Findabhair expressed interest in taking over the position at the end of Dafydd’s term.

Heavy List: AEthelwulf reports that the pool of fighters is small but consistent. He will discuss our armor needs with Dark Victory, to spend our credit.

Chatelain: Leo said that our participation in the Pride Parade was a wonderful thing, but since it was a demo of sorts, he should have known about it earlier in the process. Let him know of other demo ideas and opportunities as they arise. We briefly discussed a demo at Carnage Con and Lisabetta offered to staff an info table there, but in general we felt that Con doesn’t yield much. For the Winter RenFaire, Leo will put out a poll to see who will commit to assist with that. Late next summer, there will be another attempt at “Gathering of the Realms” in Swanton (which was cancelled this year) and we’re planning to have a presence there.

Shire History: Over the winter, Leo is planning to have one or several Zoom sessions with old-time Freeholders to capture some of our ancient history. Also, Lisabetta suggested creating a physical Shire History Tome – it might contain some of Dafydd’s stories of the Old Days in the Freehold, as well as lists of Champions, event chronicles, and whatever else we come up with.

Lists: Alaxandr will help AEthelwulf get a valid authorization card. AEthewulf has the temporary card from Panteria but never received the official one in the mail.

Election Season: Thomas has posted the offices that are coming up for election in this cycle. He said, consider becoming a deputy – either for a special project or so that you can learn what’s involved in the position. Officers may have as many deputies as they like.

Next Meeting: Our next Business Meeting is scheduled for Jan. 15, 2023.

The meeting ended after an hour.