We met via Zoom. Attendees were: David Poirier, Eleanor, Dafydd, Marieke, Katherine, Kastana, Kat, Lily, Tearlach, Leo, Alaxandr, Odd, Sarah and Archer, Rosie, Thomas.

Officer Reports –

Exchequer: Katherine reported our bank account holds $4272.50, and we have received our refunded site deposit and security deposit from the Feast of Fools site, since we had to cancel the event due to the pandemic.

Chatelain: Odd reported that there’s a library in the Islands that would like us to do a medieval demo, but it’s on hold until the plague passes.

Reopening –

Basically, we’re still on hold. With SCA restrictions, and state/local restrictions, and school restrictions, it’s just not practical to meet indoors. Properly distanced outdoor activities are possible (a winter woods-walk was suggested.)

So, that leaves us with online options. Regular social meetings, A&S-focused meetings, even physical things like fencing drills or archery exercises can be adapted to a virtual format. Some people love these online gatherings; others, not so much, but if you think it would fill a need, let people know, and make it happen. (You don’t have to be an officer to create “unofficial” meetings of this type.) For Zoom meetings, we are currently using Lily’s account (thanks, Lily!) Katherine suggested that the shire could pay $150 a year for an upgraded account that will allow more people to join, and allow longer sessions. Marieke is investigating (update: yes, this is allowed). We also had some questions come up about SCA protocols for online meetings. Many answers are here: https://seneschal.eastkingdom.org/news.php#guidelines

Dafydd is pondering some sort of online Yule for January, with carolling, mathom exchange, cookie exchange, and general socializing. Contact him if you have any suggestions. It was also suggested that we could do Mimir’s Well in the spring as a series of online classes.

Elections –

We are in Year A of our election cycle. Up for election: Seneschal, Knight Marshal, Fencing Marshal, Pursuivant, Archivist, Minister of Arts and Sciences. David Poirier is not planning to run again for seneschal. Tearlach said AEthelwulf has been Acting Knight Marshal; we can formalize him at the election unless there are other contenders. The other officers are willing to continue, but anybody can still run against the incumbent. David will soon post an announcement to get our elections underway.

Next Officer Meeting , sometime in December.