Present: Thomas, Rosie, Dafydd, Marieke, Cat, Lily, Lisabetta, Leo, Eleanor, David, Aethelwulf, Dietrich. We met via Zoom.

Laurel’s Challenge – Rosie mentioned that there are some good A&S things going on right now. Several Freeholders are participating in, or considering, the Laurel’s Challenge. More about that is here: Laurels’ Challenge & Exhibition Challenges Have Been Announced – East Kingdom Gazette and there’s still time to sign up.

Fencing – Lily and Leo recommended this YouTube discussion about the retention of female fencers: Discussion with Leaky Pipeline Authors – YouTube

Website Officer Pages – Marieke will look into the process of allowing officers to have control of their own web pages on the Freehold site. This is not as simple as you might think, and there’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s being investigated.

Heraldry Assistance – Dafydd has time to help people with the process of registering their names and devices with the College of Arms. Contact him at

Freehold Armorial – Dafydd and Marieke will work together on a large project to gather all known devices for Freeholders, onto an Armorial page on the website. Devices need not be officially registered. We may need some assistance with graphic representation/images of these devices.

Freehold Populace Badge – The populace badge, as shown on the Freehold website, is incorrect, and it’s not high-res. Lisabetta will help us fix it. The badge, when fixed, could be used for belt favors, masks, bumper stickers, etc.

Access to “Banned” list – A Freeholder, who is also a member of another recreation group, wanted to know if it is possible to get the official SCA list of individuals who have been banned from participation, so it can be used in their group as well. This seems unlikely, but Thomas will investigate.

“Always Be Chatelaining” – Leo went for a walk in garb with friends, and reminded us that it’s always great to share the SCAdian world with curious onlookers. Odd has SCA cards that are handy for this purpose.

Archery – Weather is improving, archers are readying their shafts, and we await word about where and when to meet (when it is safe to do so) – is Odd’s place still available? He will be (gently) interrogated on this point and information will be forthcoming.

Other Plans – Thomas reminded us that the idea of the Freehold Digital Library is still being pondered… and the “build-it-in-pieces for later assembly” siege engine scheme is likewise under consideration.

“Open Armor Seminar” – Dietrich has come into possession of a multitude of plastic barrels, for armor making. He offered to hold an armor-making session. Some of our youth fighters, and other new fighters from before COVID, are eager to get back into armor – even better if it’s a set they can call their own.

Pilgrim’s Progress Challenge – Somebody has come up with the idea of challenging us to walk the same distance as the Canterbury Pilgrims did. If you sign up, you can get a “guidebook.” (Can someone provide a link for more details? I can’t find anything.)

Notes by Marieke