Make a Bid!

Send your bid details to the seneschal, exchequer, and deputy exchequer. You can copy/paste these emails:,,

Answer these questions:

  • Proposed name, date, and location of event
  • Autocrat’s name and email
  • Describe your overall vision for the event
  • Site details: Capacity, handicapped accessible, camping or no, alcohol policy, parking availability, are tables and chairs provided, is kitchen available, etc.
  • Food: which meal/meals will be provided? Who is in charge of the food?
  • Expenses: list all anticipated expenses including site fees, food, and necessary supplies. Estimates are fine.
  • Expected attendance
  • Proposed fee structure for adults, for teens, and for younger children? (Remember that we charge an extra $5 for nonmember adults, but we have to send that money away, so it doesn’t count against our expenses.)

We are currently seeking bids for:

Birthday Bash 2019 (Fall)