Make a Bid!

You can fill out the bid form if you prefer. If you don’t like filling out forms, write an email with the following information.

Send your bid details to the shire’s Finance Committee (Seneschal, Exchequer, and their deputies).

Answer these questions:

  • Proposed name, date, and location of event
  • Autocrat’s name and email (also for co-autocrat if applicable)
  • Autocrat’s SCA member# and exp. date (and for co-autocrat, if….)
  • Describe your overall vision for the event
  • Site details: Capacity, handicapped accessible, camping or no, alcohol policy, parking availability, are tables and chairs provided, is kitchen available, etc.
  • Food: which meal/meals will be provided? Who is in charge of the food? 
  • Expenses: list all anticipated expenses including site fees, food, and necessary supplies. Estimates are fine.
  • Expected attendance
  • Proposed fee structure for adults, for teens, and for younger children? (Remember that we charge an extra $5 for nonmember adults, but we have to send that money away, so it doesn’t count against our expenses.)