Present: Rudth, Sean, Cat, Lily, Richard, Gotar, Dietrich, Kastana, Leo, Dafydd, Gudrun, Thomas, Aethelwulf, Robair.

Location: Browns River Middle School.


Demo Waivers – Thomas said that at Demos, waivers are only needed if it makes sense, for instance if the activity poses some kind of physical risk.

Vacant Offices – With the resignation of David Poirier from the Archery Marshal position, and Eleanor from the Chancellor Minor position, we have some vacancies. These are not required offices, but they are certainly useful. After some discussion, Kastana volunteered to start the process for becoming Chancellor Minor, and Thomas will try to expedite the background check process for that. Cat and Lily are also serving in Youth Fencing positions that need background checks. Lily’s has been delayed for over a year. Cat has verbal confirmation from the Kingdom Chancellor Minor that she’s all set. And for Archery Marshal, LeRoy and and Linda have started the process of becoming warranted, with their first MIT session at Panteria, under Ivan Sergeevich’s guidance. Meanwhile, we can hold unofficial practices as long as we advertise them as such.

Panteria Thanks – Thomas relayed heartfelt thanks from Panther Vale, for all the help our shire provided at Panteria. We were well represented in all aspects of the event, including Gate, Kitchen, A&S classes, Clean-Up, Archery, and more. Well done, folks!

MOOT TOPIC #1 – Acceptance of revised Shire Financial Policies

Thomas called this Moot to discuss an update of our Shire Financial Policy. Marieke and Dietrich discussed reasoning for the changes, and the motion to accept the new version was passed unanimously. The new Shire Financial Policy is here.

MOOT TOPIC #2 – Shire Recognitions

Leo explained that shires can’t give precedence-bearing awards, but it’s possible to give out tokens of recognition for accomplishment – as Dietrich put it, “an acknowledgment of skills, services and deeds.”

The shire gave out such recognitions until 2009, then it ceased. The moot attendees unanimously voted to start the custom again. The three traditional recognitions are The Rowan (for Arts), the sign being a leafy sprig with berries; the Corbie (that’s a Scottish word for Crow), for Defense of the Shire; and the Kelpie (that’s our shire creature) for Service. Cat suggested we consider adding a fourth recognition for children. It also came up that we could give tokens to newcomers at their first Freehold event.

The issue of manufacture of tokens then came up. Aethelwulf is willing to produce as many Corbie tokens as we will need. For Rowans and Kelpies, Thomas has the soapstone mold carved by Lisabetta, and Dafydd and Marieke have a stash of pewter that can be used. Thomas is willing to cast more of these. Leo also mentioned that the shire could purchase a large lot of pre-made medallions from Christoff, for about $5 each.

We started brainstorming ideas about how and when to give the Recognitions, but ran out of time. Thomas will schedule a weeknight Zoom meeting so we can continue the discussion.

Two last minute notes: Dietrich will be teaching a leather class at a Swanton school’s medieval festival, and if they recompense him, he will donate that to the shire coffers. And, Rosie has received a gift to the shire of a bunch of leather, with the understanding that youth-oriented purposes will have priority. The leather can be used for armor, or other leatherworking classes.

Notes by Marieke