Attendance (via Zoom): Lily, Cat, Dafydd, Katherine, Alaxandr, Carys, Thomas, Gudrun, Aethelwulf, Leo, Marieke

Updates to “Old Business”

Youth Marshal background checks – Cecily’s background check has gone through. Cat’s is “in process” and Lily hasn’t heard back. We could use more Youth Marshals.

Archery – One practice has been held. We don’t need a specific Youth Marshal for Archery (the general Archery Marshal covers youth as well) but if youth are present we need a background-checked adult.

Demo – The Gathering of the Realms Rennfaire in Swanton, previously scheduled for this September, has been postponed for a year due to a delay in getting an insurance certificate.

Gold Key – Carys now has the Gold Key boxes. We could use a Gold Key Mending Session.

Thrown Weapons – We have Zach as a warranted Marshal and Leo is working to get warranted. We don’t currently have loaner thrown weapons, or targets. We could use a place to store targets when/if we acquire them. The hardest part is finding space to arrange a safe and rules-compliant range. Lily will see if such a space could be designated for Sunday practice at Brown’s River, but it’s by no means certain.

New Business

Exchequer – 1) The only financial activity this quarter was a $100 donation. 2) The Kingdom Exchequer has ruled that renting a pavilion for our shire’s Pennsic encampment is an allowable expense; however, our local policies don’t currently allow using our shire funds for supporting Pennsic activities. Katherine suggested we could do a fundraiser for this expense if needed, in future years. 3) The Kingdom Exchequer has imposed a strict term limit of four years for local Exchequers. The schedule will be an initial term of two years maximum, followed by two possible one-year extensions if needed. Katherine’s term as Exchequer has exceeded the four years, and will therefore be ending at the end of this year. Dietrich has expressed an interest in stepping up. 4) Updating the signatories on our shire bank account will be delayed until the new Kingdom Exchequer and new shire Exchequer are in place. Katherine is looking for an easier bank to deal with. 5) Dafydd expressed appreciation to Katherine for her years of diligent service to the shire.

Bylaws Change, Elections Section – Because of the specificity of the Kingdom Exchequer’s ruling on terms of office, we need to make some minor tweaks to our shire election process to comply. Marieke presented some suggested wording and it was approved. The updated version is here: We also discussed having all offices being elected on a yearly basis to simplify matters, and we can look at that again in the future.

Next Moot? – We try to have Shire Moots from time to time, apart from the Business Meetings. Thomas floated the idea of having a Shire Moot at Birthday Bash, but it hasn’t been decided yet.

Officers & Gmail – At Curia, local officers were reminded to use their official Kingdom Gmail for official correspondence. That is, if you post something official on Facebook, also post it via Gmail using your “” address.

Shire Wind-Wall Panel for Pennsic – The East Kingdom Royal Camp at Pennsic has a wind-wall made of banners that depict the arms of all of the shires and baronies in the Kingdom. The Freehold’s wind-wall has gone missing, if there ever was one (it may have been a Northern Army banner instead.) Alaxandr thinks he has a shire banner that will fit the requirements, and he’ll try to hand it over at Pennsic.

Shire Belt Favors – Marieke will make 50 blue fabric favors, with cell phone pockets, in time for Birthday Bash (with some help from volunteers!) At B-Bash, the favors will be stamped with a Kelpie that Dafydd has already carved.

Shire Distinctions – Encouraging and recognizing newcomers and folks who are just starting to find their way in the SCA is crucial for retention and morale. For a while, we’ve been thinking about re-invigorating our three ancient Shire Recognitions: The Kelpie (for service), the Rowan (for A&S) and the Corbie (for defense of the shire.) We haven’t given these recognitions since 2009. (A historical list of recipients can be found here: ) In the past, we have poured pewter tokens, and the molds are still available. Leo is looking into the price of getting acid-etched medallions. We also discussed how to recognize youth: we could simply include them in the three existing recognitions, or we could devise a single new recognition for youth, or we could create a “youth subdivision” for each of the three existing recognitions. (Other options are possible too, of course.) We tabled discussion until Cecily and Eleanor can weigh in.

Armor Credit – Katherine reported our credit with Dark Victory Armory is in the area of $450. There is $40 remaining in the Heavy List Armor Replacement Fund. Heavy List needs more hockey gloves.

Fencing Needs – Lily has made an inventory of existing shire fencing gear. She will be requesting an advance to purchase more items.

Combat Authorizations – The Kingdom MoL has a backlog in updating authorizations, and a batch of authorization info was lost recently, so the current lists online aren’t accurate. Don’t lose your card, if you have one. Leo reported a problem with the temporary heavy-list authorization cards expiring after 60 days and needing to get re-authorized again; apparently this is also true in fencing. You’re supposed to be able to upload a photo of your temporary card, and get a real one; but this isn’t happening on a regular or timely basis.

Arts and Sciences – 1) Gudrun has been updating the shire website including adding photos of current projects to the A&S Photo Gallery – feel free to send her images of what you’ve been doing. 2) Gudrun is now Northern Region Minister of Arts and Sciences; simultaneously she will also keep her shire office. This has been approved by the EK Deputy MoAS, and should not impact the duties of either office. 3) Remember to recommend folk for Kingdom awards – anybody can do this. 4) We will choose our next Shire Arts and Sciences Champion at Mimir’s Well, this spring. The theme will be “Anachronism” – for example, make something modern using medieval techniques, or bring a meme to life in a medieval format. 5) For the next A&S meeting, the second Sunday of August, Gudrun will be at Pennsic and can’t organize it; any volunteers?

Pursuivant – 1) Dafydd has recently helped seven Freeholders with names and devices, and a few badges too. After the heraldic consultation process, each individual has to submit their own paperwork, so remember to get those envelopes in the mail! The process takes a while, but they’re moving up the line. 2) Marieke is updating the shire’s collection of canvas banners for current Freeholders with approved heraldry (and few that aren’t approved, for that matter!)

Birthday Bash – Sunday, August 28, at Button Bay State Park. Marieke and Dafydd are working on plans. Preliminary info has been posted. We’ll have an A&S Display (but not a competition), and we’ll select our Fencing Champion and Heavy List Champion. Leo reports that the Heavy List Champion’s Horn is being repaired, and it should be ready by Birthday Bash.

Meeting adjourned after two hours!