BLOCK ONE (10-11)

Shout, shout, let it all out!

Anne de Basillon
How to use your voice for battlefield command and voice Heraldry (without killing your voice). Attendees are encouraged to bring cough drops and water.
All ages welcome.

Cooking with Columella and Clovis

Corotica merkka Senebelenae (Clovis)
In this class we will be making 2 recipes from Roman agriculture writer Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella’s De Re Rustica: a mixture of herbs and cheese, and a mixture of herbs and walnuts. Tasty, easy to make, and impresses friends, Romans, and countrymen! We regret we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions.
All ages welcome.

The Birsay Box – Woodcarving history and techniques

Peregrine the Illuminator
Attendees will learn about historical woodcarving styles, and specifically the Birsay Box, a wooden box with Celtic carved designs from 8th-10th century Scotland. Peregrine will discuss how he carved a modern craft box with similar designs. Peregrine will demonstrate carving techniques, and attendees will be able to practice the techniques with chip-carving knives, and take their carved piece home with them.
Class limit of 6 active carving participants, observers welcome to attend. Attendees who wish to purchase their carving knife after the class may do so for $20.
Open to ages 13 and up. Ages 13-18 require parental permission (but not supervision) if they are going to be active carving participants.
Supervision required for anyone who has not yet learned how to behave safely around sharp knives.

Seed Casting

Hlafdige Arastorm
This is an old Norse divination technique where seeds that would be available in the home would be cast on a cloth and interpreted. After this, the seeds could frugally be then put into the stew-pot and eaten. There will be a demonstration, then people can try it themselves, with advice from the Soothsayer’s Guildmistress.
All ages welcome.

Calligraphy Corner – Beginner’s Guide to European Calligraphy

Sage Élan de Janvier
Fancy some fancy writing? Join Sage for a beginners class on European calligraphy! Try your hand at some medieval hands. Feather quills, dip pens, fountain pens, and calligraphy markers are provided with paper. No prior experience necessary!
Youth class, all ages welcome.

BLOCK TWO (11-12)

Fencing A&S: All the stuff they did… that we can’t!

Kenneric Aubrey
For fencing in the SCA, we strive to recreate period methods of fighting as best we can while making sure our game is safe for all combatants. However, there are many period techniques that are impossible for us to use because we don’t actually want to kill each other. Join me for a lively discussion of all the things that safety and common sense say we shouldn’t bring to our rapier practices.
All ages welcome.

How To Weave Chainmaille

Torstein Keyes
Learn how to weave the iconic European 4:1 weave and make a bracelet! Beginning and advanced maillers welcome. (Final piece will be costume grade and made with butted rings.)
$10 materials fee, attendees are encouraged to bring two pairs of medium to small pliers, flat nose without teeth are preferred.
All ages welcome

EKCoP Adhoc Choir

Solveig Bjarnardottir
Come join Solveig learning a brand new, never performed piece composed for their royal highnesses to be performed as they process into court. No skill level required. Just come with a passion to sing. All ages and voice types welcome. You do not need to be able to read music to attend.
All ages welcome.

Felt in SCA period

Baroness Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
What is Felt? What material did they use? The best material for projects. The difference between felting and fulling. What extant pieces do we find (up to now).
Lecture class with reconstitution pieces.
All ages welcome.

Mountain Freehold Banners

Lady Eleanor Grey
Join us as we make a piece of shire history! We will be painting block printed banners to be displayed at Freehold events for all of time.
Youth class, all ages welcome

Lunch Meetings

  • Athena’s Thimble Panel
  • Foresters Guild Court
  • Soothsayers Guild Meeting


Behind the Awards Veil

Albreda Aylese
There are a lot of misconceptions about how the award system in the SCA works. Chat with a new Laurel and former Freeholder (who never had a Peer of her own) about the things she has discovered about the peerage and awards system that are not at all what they seemed to her before she became a part of them.
All ages welcome

Two Man Spear Clinic

Corotica merkka Senebelenae (Clovis)
In this class we will be discussing basic spear work, and then focus on how 2 spears can work together against an opponent. We will be demonstrating a few offensive and (if there is time) defensive shots for a 2-spear team. Participants will have the opportunity to handle spears and try out these maneuvers.
All ages welcome, only adults can participate hands on.

Storytelling Techniques – From Period Sources to Successful Performances

Peregrine the Illuminator
Peregrine will talk about the journey from pre-1600 story sources through a storyteller’s techniques to engaging performances that entertain audiences. On the way, we will talk about how to find stories, how to evoke different storytelling styles, and how to create a receptive audience.
All ages welcome.

Making Paint From Pigments

Lisabetta Medaglia
Lisabetta will be demonstrating how to make paint from pigment, gum arabic (a binder), and water, mixing them and mulling them. Attendees to this panel can also take turns trying out mulling the paint! At the end of the demonstration, the paint will be placed into containers and anyone who would like some, can take home some homemade paint! While supplies last.
Ages 13 and up, youth attendees require a parent/guardian to check in prior to class due to materials used.

Electrify your lantern with a flame LED

Lord Thomas of Mountain Freehold
Upgrade your camp lanterns with a cool flame effect! I will walk participants through installing a flame LED lightbulb in a lantern, inspired by Adam Savage’s tutorial. The lightbulb will run on two “AA” Batteries, and according to Adam, they will run at least 5 days. I will provide all the materials. I only have a few lanterns, so please bring your own if possible.
Class limit twelve attendees (more if sharing a kit).
Youth class, all ages welcome. Adults should plan to attend with their youth to assist with tools/materials.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Modern Middle Ages

Tiberius Iulius Rufus Primus
This class will be an introduction to the concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion as they relate to the modern middle ages, the SCA, and our events. The discussion will include the concepts of bias, implicit bias, assumptions, and access. What can we do to increase equity and access to our events and communities? Where is our diversity? Let’s explore the concepts, generate ideas, and have a healthy, open discussion.
All ages welcome, but younger youth attendees may find some of the concepts challenging.

Period Camping on a Budget: a Foresters Guild Approach

Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda, grand master forester
Learn how you can turn a $23 painter’s canvas drop cloth into a versatile shelter, a $4 flower pot into a small charcoal brazier, and how to make your own wooden tent poles & pegs. We’ll also discuss natural fiber tent lines, ground cloths, mattress ticks/sleeping pad covers, cloth food bags, and more.
All ages welcome.

Garb For Dummies

Lady Cecily Graham de Inveresk
New to the SCA? Venturing out into SCAdian adulthood? Terrified of a sewing machine? One of the first things to tackle is the T-Tunic and how to look roughly medieval. Whether this is your first event or you have relied on the skills of others to make your garb for you, If you have a sewing machine and fabric that you want to practice with, feel free to bring it along! Suggested supplies: sewing machine, cheap fabric (think bedsheet from Goodwill), thread, scissors, and a tunic and/or pajama pants in your size.
All Ages, teens encouraged

Leather Pattern & Construction Workshop

Lord Dietrich
This is a hands on approach to patterning and making things in leather. There is no master of this class; there are only skilled folk learning from one another how to craft things safely. We will start with cardboard and markers to create small to medium size shapes that may be made useful. If the process continues well and the design is satisfactory to continue towards fabrication, leather shall appear for the purpose and we will test if the pattern is indeed effective.
Attendees may bring supplies or use those provided. Some hardware available for a fee.
All ages welcome, youth attendees require an adult to supervise the safe use of tools if patterning on leather.

Basic felting

Baroness Cellach Dhonn inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
This is a hands-on class. We will be doing wet felting technique. You will leave with a small useful project. Please consider bringing an apron if you don’t want your garb getting wet.
Class limit of 6 attendees. Donations accepted to cover materials.
All ages welcome


The Book Curse

Alienor Hathaway
We will examine a medieval way of protecting manuscripts and books from thieves, the anathema or book curse. We will examine how these curses came about and examine examples from a wide range of time and cultures. We will discuss the anathema formula.
All ages welcome, parents should be aware curses can be violent in nature.

Pewter Casting on a Budget

Solveig Bjarnardottir
Have you wanted to get into pewter casting but it seems expensive? Do you live in a small domicile that may seem limited for casting? Look no further. Come join Solveig as she de-mistifies the gate way to pewter casting. You will have a chance to cast from a pre made mold. You will be able to walk out with your own cast object. Pre made mold provided.
There is a $3 material fee for those wanting to make and keep their own cast.
All ages welcome, only those 16+ may cast due to risk of burns.

Crafting the Compass Rose: Creating Maps based on pre-1600 Cartography

Peregrine the Illuminator
Attendees will learn about the basic types of maps from Europe prior to 1600, and how to create maps based on historical styles and techniques. Peregrine will show how he created route maps and Portolan Charts of SCA kingdoms, and demonstrate how to use basic geometry to lay out a compass rose.
All ages welcome

Introduction to Viking Weaving

Sile Dhubh
Come and learn the basics of viking weaving.
Class limit of 8 attendees.
All ages welcome.

Cooking a Period Dessert

Lady Cat Spoonbreaker
We will be preparing a period dessert that will be added to the dessert board for all to enjoy during Their Highnesses court. All efforts will be made for the recipe chosen to be allergy friendly for as many participants as possible.
Youth class, all ages welcome