Present: Rosie, Thomas, Eleanor, David, Aethelwulf, Dafydd, Lily, Cat, Marieke.

Super-quick Business meeting – 16 minutes by my clock. This was mostly just a check-in. The weather was so lovely, and I think many of us wanted to be outside. We did get some quick business done…

Website. Marieke has added three how-to articles by Black Finn, about making SCA-legal shields, swords and polearm. Thomas will talk with Kingdom about compiling a Library of useful articles and links.

Re-Opening. There’s lots of talk at the Kingdom level, but decisions haven’t been made yet. We are estimating that we can resume outdoor practices and meetings in late June. The Browns River Middle School gym is not available to us during the summer, and Lily is checking to see about the fall. Eleanor will check with Tearlach about whether we would be able to use the bathrooms in the “office building” adjacent to the Browns River school, during the summer, if our practice site is on the school grounds.

Youth Quest. Eleanor reported that the Youth Quest is going well – lots of youth have signed up,for interesting quests.

Laurel Challenges. Entries are due today! Eleanor has already submitted hers, and Rosie is working on hers. Best of luck to our brave entrants!          

Notes by Marieke