Mountain Freehold’s Birthday Bash will be held on *Sunday* Aug. 28, from 11 am-7 pm, in the large picnic pavilion at Button Bay State Park, about 8 miles from Vergennes, VT. We are marking our Shire’s 44th anniversary, so come and help us celebrate. Former Freeholders, friends and neighbors are most welcome.

We will hold our Shire’s Heavy List Championship, and we’ll have a pot-luck afternoon meal starting at 1 pm. A few electrical outlets are available, and running water is nearby, but there’s no kitchen. Bring your current Arts and Sciences projects to display. Bring armor, weapons, and fencing gear so you can play with others! Musical instruments, board games, and lawn games are also welcome.

Merchanting, bartering and giveaways are welcome! (Please take unclaimed items back home with you when you leave.) At least one Merchant is coming, from Coldwood.

If the weather is warm, there’s a very nice swimming pool near the pavilion, or you can swim in the lake – so bring a swimsuit if you like! The park also offers some very nice walking trails, suitable for Foresters to explore.

A chair might be handy, but there are plenty of picnic tables available. If anybody wants to put up a pop-up tent on the flat grassy area near the pavilion, that is allowed.

Cost: As you enter the park, you’ll need to stop at the booth and pay the park ranger a day-use fee. Say you’re with the Pavilion Group, and the cost will be $3 for ages 14 and up, $2 for kids ages 4-13. Once you’re at the pavilion, our Gate will charge $5 for adult SCA members, $10 for adult non-members. It’s $3 for ages 12-17, and free for 11 and younger.

Site rules: At this park, no pets are allowed in the pavilion area. No glass bottles. Alcohol for personal use is OK (no “serving.”)

SCA rules: As this is an open-air site, masks are optional. Still, we’ll need to check your vaccination card & ID, or your recent PCR Covid test results. (East Kingdom Covid Policy is here)

Autocrats are Marieke and Dafydd.

Directions: Make your way to Vergennes, VT. Head down the hill (W Main St.), cross the Otter Creek bridge, then go uphill. Take your third right, onto Panton Road (I think there’s a yellow blinking light.) Go 4.3 miles, to Panton. Turn right onto Jersey St., and go half a mile. Make a slight left onto Button Bay Road and go about two miles. The park entrance will be on your left. Proceed to the Ranger House and pay your park fee. Then drive deeper into the park, past the two camping loops on your left. Eventually you’ll see the large pavilion. You can stop there briefly to drop things off. There are two nearby parking areas (the larger one is on your left). The Park asks us not to drive on the grass.