Attendance: (In person and virtually): Rosie, Thomas, Leo, Solomon, Lily, Cat, Eleanor, Aethelwulf, Sean, Ruth Rose, Alaxandr, Katherine, Eric, Findabhair, Aven, Dietrich, Cecily, Kristopher, Janet

Officer reports

Lily / Fencing: Attendance has been good since re-opening after winter covid pause. Adult and youth loaner gear is in good repair and fully maintained. She announced that she is temporarily stepping down as fencing marshal starting in June for at least 3 months. When she returns she shall resume youth fencing. Lily is also asking for another fencing marshal to take the reins during the interval. She will need to pass along the key to the BRMS for practices to continue. We will need 1 sole individual, per the agreement with Bryant/school, to be in charge/responsible for opening and closing the practice space. Who wants this responsibility? Please talk to Lily if you are willing to take this responsibility. This will be co-coordinated with Bryant Pless, aka Viskr.

Cecily and Eleanor/Youth: Cecily was officially sworn in as a greater office of Kingdom Youth Minister at Balfars this past weekend. Youth warrants have been backlogged at the society level and are holding up the re-warranting process, which need to be redone every 2 years. Cecily will need to be in attendance if youth fencing is to be done. If people are interested in becoming youth marshals then please contact the youth clerk for a background check.

Eleanor for David/Archery: Waiting for the archery field to dry up, which will be held at Odd’s House.

Leo/Chatelaine: Leo is taking Carys ferch Dafydd aka Julie Morris, as his deputy. She comes from a Ren-Faire and librarian background and will be most helpful to the office of the Chatelaine. We have a new kingdom Chatelaine, Countess Fortune Sanct Keyne of Quintavia. She was sworn in at Balfars this past weekend.

There will be a local “Renaissance Faire” in Swanton the weekend of September 9-11. Called “Gathering of the Realms”. It is being put on by the Swanton Arts Council and they are reaching out to many local/regional groups to be involved; LARPs, foam-fighting, HEMA, etc. They would love to have our participation, we would be allowed to have our own encampment, can run fighting demos for fencing and heavy. There is sufficient space for archery and thrown weapons. Vendors are also encouraged. Volunteers will be comped gate fees! Will be talking with our SCA neighbors, Coldwood, Panther Vale, IDD to see if they would like to join us!

Also: Panthervale has confirmed they are doing a Demo at the VT Ren faire in June.

Rosie/A&S: Last week’s A&S class was a mending circle. If people have ideas for A&S class’s please reach out to her. She has posted some  opportunities for A&S displays. The Forester’s guild is trying to schedule a meet up sometime soon. She would like to organize a Gold-Key mending party.

Aethelwulf/Heavy: Attendance has been steady 3-5 fighters since re-opening. Practiced their first melee last week.

-Equipment: The gear for heavy list is in need of larger sizes, most gear is suited for smaller/medium body types. “We need to have 2 suits of “adjustable” larger armor”. Dietrich said he is happy to help to supply what we need. There was the question of the shire having paid Dietrich for some new loaner armor and the status of that. It has not been delivered as needs have changed in the past 2 years.

Cat brought up if we can get a document with what the shire has paid for and what we are getting so we can keep a clean record.

(Edit-not mentioned at the mtg) We have a new Thrown Weapons Marshal in the Shire, Zachary Colosa, Brenda Tighe’s son. He is living in St. Albans, and is open to helping us get a thrown weapons program up and running.

Katherine/Exchequer: Bank account is flush. Reminder that Financial committee has to pre-approve expenditures. Within the year the kingdom will be requiring the shire to have a account of shire inventoried property.

Katherine proposed a resolution to our Shire Policies and Procedures stating ‘That the principle officers of the shire, being the Seneschal, Exchequer, Deputy exchequer and deputy seneschal shall all be signatories upon the shire bank account along with the kingdom exchequer.’ Resolution voted on and passed unanimously.

To satisfy a bank requirement, which says our group must vote on and approve the actual names, Katherine moved that Thomas Cosgrove, Donna Howard, Jordan Weinstein, Christina Krupp, Matty Beliveau, and David Harvill be added as signatories to the Shire of Mountain Freehold SCA Inc. bank account, and that David Gelineau be removed. This was voted on and approved unanimously.

Alexandre/MOL: Has updated information from Kingdom Minster of Lists and will be checking Authorizations of Shire combatants.

Thomas/Seneschal: Reviewed last quarters business minutes. We have a new Kingdom Seneschal, Magistra Audrye Beneyt, who was sworn in at Coronation.

We have business cards, please take some and hand them out.

Thomas read an email note from Marieke inquiring about the shire’s interest in renting a 20×30, professionally-installed common-area pavilion at the Freehold/Coldwood Pennsic camp site this year. Katherine is checking with Kingdom to see if that is an allowable expense. A follow-up email mentioned that Marieke, Dafydd and Cenwulf will cover half the cost, personally, this year, with the Shire of Coldwood’s treasury paying for the other half of the rental. (If the question comes up again next year, we’ll need to discuss it as a shire.)


Augusta Rose: She showed of a coat she had made, from spinning and dying the wool to the construction process.

Solomon: Got authorized in heavy list at Balfars this past weekend.

End of meeting, next quarter meeting date TBD

Notes by Leo