Formed in the East Kingdom, the Known World Foresters are based on the Medieval Foresters that protected the forests of medieval England.

Foresters organize themselves into courts named after the forest in which they reside but for SCA purposes we are organized as a guild which in The East Kingdom is called The East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild and likewise elsewhere. Regional Courts are know by the names of their local regions such as The Court of the Royal Forest of Mountain Freehold, etc.

The foresters guild is recruiting men and women who are skilled at, or have an interest in: Camping, pavilioning, outdoor living, and survival in period fashion, as well as journeys over land and by inland waterways in period fashion.

It is the purpose of foresters to research, recreate, educate and demonstrate historical tools, methods, equipment and techniques for living, camping, traveling and cooking, in the outdoors or in wilderness locations.

Interested persons will portray a period persona of a Royal Forester, Forester, noble hunter, huntsman, poacher, outlaw, or a land or river traveler such as a merchant or other wilderness user or traveler.

QUESTION: Does this mean I have to have a big beard, live in a hollow tree, and wrestle grizzly bears to be a member?

ANSWER: No. If you are a little girl that likes to roast marshmallows on a fire you qualify to be a forester. We will just teach you to make chocolate cake on the campfire that’s all.

Novice members who wish to advance through the rank structure must prove their competency at camping and our crafts but if you can pitch a tent and survive a camping event and light a fire you can pass through the first several levels quite quickly. We will however teach you to light that fire with just one match in heavy rain or with no matches at all.

Foresters practice a high level of wilderness and camping ethics and leave no trace. We are sworn to protect the green spaces of the world, to take only what we need from the land and to educate others to do the same. At events we will see to it that all within our encampments are happy safe and having fun.

QUESTION: Can I become a member?

ANSWER: Yes; as an SCA Guild, membership is open to anyone who asks to join. If you are interested you can ask any current member for more information and you can message or email Black Finn, who is the leader of the Mountain Freehold Foresters.  You can also connect with the Foresters on Facebook.