Policies for Running an Event in the Freehold

(currently being updated)

These are the previous policies, from 2007 (Iustinos as Seneschal):

Questions have recently come up as to what is necessary in the process of volunteering to run an event. I thought I would lay out what is necessary from a legal standpoint.

When volunteering to take on the role of event steward (aka autocrat), there are certain procedures which must be followed. Prior to any announcement of the event, the seneschal must be contacted with details of the event. These include location, date and time, and a general idea of planned activities. The reason for this is given in the Seneschal’s Handbook Part IV.G.13 which details that a seneschal must be aware of events in the group’s calendar as he is ultimately responsible for them. To go with this is the fact that only the seneschal can sign a written contract (such as a site agreement) for the group.

Please also keep in mind that there are three basic requirements set forth by East Kingdom Law for an event steward: they must be at or over the age of 18, they must be a paid member of the Society for Creative Anachronsim, Inc., and they must reside in the boundaries of the sponsoring group (Section VIII.E).

These policies are not in effect to give the seneschal a power trip. They are not present to make life difficult. They are present because we do have to exist within the context of both SCA and mundane law. Keeping an eye on that is part of my responsibility.