Below is the full list of all authorized fencers in the Shire of Mountain Freehold.  Upon authorization, they become members of the Freehold Freebooters.

Captain Kenneric Aubrey

Kenneric Aubrey hails from the 14th Century in Wales. His first event was the Endewearde Hunt in AS XL. He has been a student of the Art of Defense since that time. Kenneric recently received the Order of the Silver Rapier and is the Fencing Marshal of the Shire of Mountain Freehold. He has won a number of minor accolades including winner of the Pennsic novice tourney (AS XLII), and “Most Treacherous Swine” at the Bare-Blade Tavern Brawl.  Kenneric has received the Freebooter awards for: Education, Service, and Plunder.

Acting Captain Aurelia Colleoni the “Foul-Mouthed”

Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno is from 15th century Florence, Italy. She is known for her fiery tempter and her ‘foul-mouth.’  By trade a court painter, she found her way with a rowdy band of privateers and has since been having adventure after adventure. You can often see her bossing the Freebooters around camp, barking orders at her beau, fellow Freebooter and Mountain Freehold Fencing Champion, Kai of the Mountain Freehold.  Aurelia has received the Freebooter award for: Service and Education.

Lieutenant Kai of Mountain Freehold

Kai of Mountain Freehold hails from shores unknown.  His past is somewhat of a mystery.  Since going the Freebooters, Kai has made quite a name for himself.  He has entered several fencing tournaments, including the Freehold Fencing Championship, where he became the first Freehold Fencing Champion.  Kai has received the Freebooter awards for: Education, Service, and Battle.


Lieutenant Andreas Lucernensis

Andrew of Lucerne / Andreas Lucernensis sprang from burgher stock in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. I was born in the late 14th century. Originally, my parents intended that I join the clergy, so they sent me to the University of Prague (present-day czech republic). There, I studied the classical liberal arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, mathematics, music, astronomy, and geometry. Or at least, I was supposed to. In actuality, my pursuits included wine, song, and the occult arts. When Jan Huss was burnt at the stake as a heretic, normal life at the university ceased; eventually, the Hussite wars erupted. It was in these conflicts and others that I first served as a mercenary – out of sheer necessity. In my latest wanderings, I serve as 2nd in command of the Freebooters. I have won exactly one masque/tournament – the duel of Sith and Jedi, in which I defeated Trian of Malagentia.

Midshipman Tearlach the Profane

Tearlach the Profane is a Hiberno-norse “import export” specialist from the 11th century Hebrides . He has been fighting since AS XIII and elevated to the Chivalry in AS XX. He was elevated to the Laurel in XXIX. He also holds the Maunch, Silver Crescent, and Tygers Combatant. (Local Old Fart).  Tearlach has received the Freebooter awards for: Service and Plunder.


Midshipman Davíd Poirier De LeLoup

Davíd Poirier De LeLoup was born in 1443. He was the third son in a minor landed lords household in the Aquitaine. His family’s house was funded by the many pear orchards that grew on their lands. Like many third sons in France it was expected that he would join the church and so was educated for such. Later he decided he would be unable to live up to such vows and when he approached his father about it he was told he would join the church or be cut off. Being a very stubborn individual he found himself on the streets and so began his journey across Europe where worked as scribe and guard for merchants. Since that time he has spent years in travel. He has been to Jerusalem Alexandria, and Rome. He was once shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland where he spent time with House Cairde recovering from injuries. He was last spotted in the company of a certain group of privateers.  David has been awarded the Freebooter awards for: Chivalry, Service, and Style.

Midshipman Lorencio Matteo Espinosa

Lorencio Matteo Espinosa is a late 16th century Spaniard wanted by the crown and women in the known world.  In 2016, he won the Novice Fencing Tournament at the Palio de Stonemarche.  Lorencio has been awarded the Freebooter awards for: Battle and Style.


Crewman Emily of Mountain Freehold


Crewman Leo MacCullan

Leo MacCullan, born late 16th C Scotland, 5th son of a minor viscount. As member of the Blackwatch clan, and a member of the clergy, he strives to be a noble warrior priest of note and consequence.




Crewman Cat Spoonbreaker


Crewman Kellenin de lanwinnauch






Crewman Dietrich Wilhelm

Dietrich has been awarded the Freebooter award for: Style.

Crewman Eleanor Grey of Colchester






Crewman Edward Talbot

Edward Talbot was born in August 1383 to the daughter of a wealthy merchant and a Scottish traveler. The father never new of Edward nor did Edward ever care to know of his father. All he knew was his father was of clan Wallace. He was raised on the belief that helping others is one of the most honorable things one can do for another. It is for that reason, Edward is normally behind the scenes at gatherings.

Crewman Rosie Fraser

Crewman Bryant of Mountain Freehold

Youth Crewman Calder of Mountain Freehold


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