April 22, 2017 @ 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Mountain Mist Outdoor Center YMCA
567 High Hill Rd Meriden
CT 06450

Soon it will be spring again and the Barony of Dragonship Haven with our beloved Duke Balfar von Grunwald invites the great martial artists of the East Kingdom to test their mettle in our annual competitions. Gather into teams of three fighters, three fencers, three archers or three weapons-throwers and plan for a busy day of competition against other skilled teams. Prizes will be presented in court for the best team in each of these martial categories. The usual rules apply to the three-person teams in all areas: there may be no more than one KNIGHT per rattan team or one Martial Order of High Merit on any (relevant)team (only 1 Saggitarius on an archery team or 1 OGR on a fencing team, or 1 OTC on a Rattan team). The MoL will clarify any changes to the heavy list rules before the tourney begins.

Teams can be made up in advance or our Mistress of Lists will help you find companions to make up a team. Think of a name for yourselves (Please pick one that is NOT one too crude to be announced in court.)

We are hoping to see the East Kingdom’s finest rattan fighters scuffle fiercely, testing their skills, shaking off the effects of the long dark winter and making new friends.

Fencers of all abilities will have the opportunity to compete in an excellent tourney designed by Don Jean Michel le Vode to challenge and please every fencer. There will also be a longsword only cut and thrust turny.

For the archers of the East, come try your luck on the range no matter what your skill level!

A thrown weapons range will be set up and an interesting tourney is planned by Lord Leon the Navigator for the enjoyment of all and to determine the next baronial champion. There will also be a youth tournament.

Sir Cedric of Armorica will be holding youth combat.

Young and old alike are invited to play period table top games in the picnic pavilion. Bring yours and/or learn some new ones with ours.

For non-fighters, there will be plenty of good company and exciting contests to watch. We are anticipating merchants with rare and strange offerings from all corners of the Knowne World and beyond.

Lord Agapios Cargos is issuing a new heraldic challenge this year. Create anything with your arms on them and display them with an actual image of your arms. winners will be selected in the categories of use of arms, complexity of item and overall favorite.

The spectacular Balfar’s Challenge Dayboard will be prepared by Master Jaji with his bold and glorious assistants. As usual, it will be varied and hearty with special items added throughout the day. Please contact the Kitchener with any dietary concerns at chefjaji@yahoo.com

Registration: Adult SCA member over 17 years with proof of membership: $15.00
Adult non-SCA-member Over 17 years: $20 ($15+$5 non-member surcharge)
Children 13-17 years of age: $5
Children 12 and under: no charge. Enjoy the day!
There will be a family cap of $40
Site fee includes a generous dayboard prepared by Chef Master Jaji and his drop-dead gorgeous kitchen crew.
Feast: No Feast is planned but a generous day board from 12 to 4:30PM is included in the site fee

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc. Barony of Dragonship Haven