Some General Notes:

This is a dry site – no alcohol is permitted in the school or on the school grounds.

Please bring a bowl if you plan on eating the Roasted Vegetable Soup. A plate will be handy for the dayboard.

If you bring a contribution for the Dayboard or Dessert Board, please also include a full list of ingredients.

The Menu:

Ham, with mustard or apple and onion chutney on the side
Roast Turkey
Roasted Vegetable Stew
Stuffed Eggs
Marinated Olive Spread
Fresh Veggies with Hummus
Fresh Fruit
The Dessert:
Arab Shortbread to be made by Eleanor Grey and the Velociraptors of the East!

We will also be providing a dessert court board for all to enjoy! There will be a few offerings provided, and we would love to ask attendees to bring offerings to contribute in true Freehold tradition.
Because we have people attending for whom food allergies are a very real concern we ask that each contribution come with a full ingredient list. For those bringing allergy safe offerings please only label them so if your food preparation space itself is completely allergy safe. Please PM me if you are planning to bring something!

On the topic of food allergies, we are making a concerted effort to provide something that is safe to eat for everyone attending. Allergies of particular concern this year are nuts, corn, seafood, gluten, soy, and egg whites. With that in mind, we ask that no one but our feastocrat touch any food or place anything into the prep areas marked with blue painters tape. This is to avoid any cross contamination. Help us keep this event safe and delicious for all!

Yours in Service,
Lady Cat Spoonbreaker